Tucker investigates the 180 day countdown to UFO disclosures – Fox News January, 2021 [Contact Tour]

Tucker investigates the 180-day countdown to UFO disclosures – @foxnews [January, 2021] ℹ️

Former UK Defense Official Nick Pope joins Tucker Carlson to talk about what could happen when classified briefings of UFO findings are released to Congress.

“Well, this is going to be a very interesting year for UFOs that’s for sure.. Yes, they (The Senate Intelligence Committee) will definitely have to produce this report within 180 days, so we’ll get this by late June.

It has to be unclassified, but can have a classified annex, the answer of what the public will get, may be not a lot, but what the Senate Intelligence Committee and the Armed Services Committee will get, hopefully, a whole lot more and hopefully some answers to these questions we’ve been asking for months now – what is going on in “our” airspace (as though any governing body can physically “own” airspace)..”

– Nick Pope
Fmr. Director of Ministry Of Defense UAP Task Force

We’ll continue to publish new developments regarding the 180 day countdown to official “Disclosure” as they’re released as mainstream media.

Although coverage is at an all time high regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, it is imperative we hold our discernment towards all developments and stay vigilant. The false threat narrative is real, being subliminally propagated through the mainstream media.


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