Tucker: Pentagon isn't doing anything about these threats

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ hosts questions why military leadership is ‘purging their ranks’ instead of focusing on unknown space threats. #FoxNews #Tucker

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21 Comments on “Tucker: Pentagon isn't doing anything about these threats”

  1. Uh, I guess "racists and extremists" are Trump-supporting white people. Interesting times. This should be good. I'll get some popcorn and watch from a secret bunker.

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  4. America is f**ked!!! Time to start making plans to move to another country that have real men for leaders

  5. Can we please get a president with common sense? It's a short list, but: Tulsi Gabbard, Mike Pence, Ron DeSantis, or Trump. Possibly Rand Paul but some of his libertarian political beliefs are far out at times.

  6. Tucker; Look into Vallient Thor and his message to our government during Esenhowers Presidency. You may find some hints there.

  7. The world is laughing at us. They weren’t laughing when we had President Trump, they’re hysterically laughing now that we have nap time dipshit and a vp that is not qualified in any way and only got to power riding on the back of someone else. Literally

  8. Far-right extremist republicans and Fox fake news are promoting a very strongly anti-American agenda that divides the nation against itself and caters to gullible weak-minded consumers of fake news. Why do you imagine that they are fighting their private was against America and all Americans? Why would anyone believe their lies? What do they hope to gain, and whom do they really serve?

  9. this dude a joke, they say diversity but never in my years have I seen more racist persons than the people calling the people racists.

    they don't want equality, they want superiority

  10. eat the bugs and live in the pods hoomans!.
    Humans:What do you want!? Why are you bugging us!?
    Aliens: Oh sorry, we just came to watch the end of the show….
    Humans: wut?

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