Tucker reacts to unclassified government UFO report

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ says Pentagon has covered up UFO information. #FoxNews #Tucker

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25 Comments on “Tucker reacts to unclassified government UFO report”

  1. The truth is they're FBI satelit.☠☠☠ to torture people. Sence 2017 i see them on top of my house in haiti 24/7. CRIMINAL

  2. Amazing news! There are many people who know this is a global phenomenon not residing to pentagon representatives solely. Now, let the door be opened to global governments to release what they know too. Being a resident of Australia, my government needs to unveil what happened in the cover up of Westall in Victoria in 1966. I am in no way angry at our government, anger won't bring this into the light. Government representatives mostly and simply live in unbelief. It's through this lense that historical cases would have been processed. Having seen ufos twice in my life, I know they are active in Australia! If I didn't see them, I may well be a sceptic. What's taking place is a paradigm shift from old mindsets to a new realm of possibilities. The Pentagon report is a step forward, there are many more years to unpack this global phenomenon to seek the truth of what ufos really are.

  3. Don't upset them too much if they wanted to harm humans they would have, none of them care about skin colour most of them care about things that could harm the Earth.
    So the research suggests!

  4. I'm in the UK wish our news ancorman had the balls of tucker . Tells it how it is well done fox news.

  5. Dr Von Braun visited Roswell crash site. He stated how the exterior of the space craft was NOT metal as we know it, but appeared to be made of something biological like skin.'' ALIVE''. The alien beings were small, very frail, and reptilian in nature. Dr Von Braun compared their skin to rattlesnakes. Crafts interior was bare of instrumentation, as if creatures and the craft were of a single unit. NOT WEATHER BALLOON !

  6. If you zoom in you can clearly see it's a blurry blob of something. If this isn't the smoking gun we've been searching for, what is?

  7. The gov and the military are still lying to us all, as expected: a "secret gov program" that is up since thousands of years? Ancient scrolls and ancient books talk CLEARLY about flying objects sighted in history, even the bible, yes the bible. We, the people, want the truth and in Democracy govs have to do what people say, if not ,we are no more in Democracy.

  8. For Roswell a weather balloon? Year right… another joke. Please read the book The day after Roswell that explicates a lot, not everything but a lot.

  9. I tend to agree with Jimmy Dore … billions of people on the planet with cell phone cameras, and this is almost exclusively from the military.

  10. The letter/memo Ramey is holding in his hand in that photo can be zoomed in and read and certainly proves it wasn't a weather balloon. Look it up on YouTube, fascinating.

  11. Humans love to invent absurd theories every time something can't be explained. A UFO cannot be explained. If it can be explained it is no longer a UFO.

  12. It’s always a bit disturbing to come face to face with a technology that you considered ‘impossible’.
    I think it’s very possible that this is human in origin.
    After all it turns out that in certain ways the Earth is still a very mysterious ‘big’ place

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