Tucker reacts to video of UFO confirmed by Pentagon

Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell says UFOs were ‘swarming our warships’ on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #FoxNews #Tucker

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37 Comments on “Tucker reacts to video of UFO confirmed by Pentagon”

  1. All of a sudden UFOs aren't "conspiracies" anymore. In the past, the media always tried to cover it up with 'rational explanations' but now they see how desensitized we've become, and have no issue revealing these truths.

  2. This happened in the S.W. Asian seas. China has the submarines and planes now. So does Russia! Probably them experimenting. BTW…U.S. is not the superior anymore. We're amongst 4 countries that have serious military power and the U.S. is declining while the others are improving!

  3. Judging from what looks to me like an antenna in the foreground on the ship where this video was shot, those triangles look very big – probably the size of an aircraft carrier!

  4. back then, if the US government confirmed their existence, the people would go crazy! now today we see the Navy and the Pentagon confirming their existence, snd the people dont care!

  5. I got abducted by Paris Hilton last night, moral of the story she told me she’s an alien and I guess I was on that ship 3 weeks ago.

  6. Wonder why they never shoot at them 🤔 They’d shoot at China and Russia aircraft’s if they were in our airspace.. Funny how the people who loves war “US” doesn’t feel the need to shoot down unknown aircraft’s that they don’t know are threats or not 🤔 I think it’s our own government in these ufo vehicles 😬

  7. So… we're hearing and seeing a rash of information about UFOs on main stream media. We're hearing that our government is going to release information related to UFOs some time in June. Are we about to see something that will radically change our perception of what's really going on in our world?

  8. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force : People who chase Satan and his Fallen Angels. Don't let Beelzebub fool you.

  9. Well as long as they don't take the knee In support of BLM I'll welcome them to earth 🌍 because I'm sick of that crap.

  10. Nuo videot eivät todista mistään mitään. Edes sitä että ne on kuvattu joltain hävittäjältä?

  11. Question we need to answer is this: Are these ufo's hovering over military installations of other countries? Russia? China? If so, why? If not, why?

  12. Disclosure is among us! Just get yourself ready for when they do descend and open their doors and make themselves visible and want to communicate.

  13. Why are ufo videos alwyas blurry. There is not 1 clear video where you can tell for sure its a ufo or not

  14. If they want us to take them to their leader I have no problem taking them to Joe Biden Justin Trudeau the Chinese president and all of the other leaders within those perspective countries that are corrupt AF.

  15. Maybe learn the difference between "pyramid-" and "triangle-" shaped. I know "pyramid" appeals more to your looney left-wing audience, but please maintain the journalistic integrity that I've come to value Fox for.

  16. These beings are gonna want something and it probably won't be long before they start their attack!

  17. It's flashing at us? like the green navigation light but that light would be on the right-wing so it's a plane flying backwards? if it's travelling to the right we are looking at the left wing's red light? any thoughts??

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