TV UFO News Report – John Ratcliffe Interview – Maria Bartiromo

FOX News report with John Ratcliffe who served as the Director of National Intelligence under former President Trump, speaks about Government UFO UAP investigation AATIP UAPTF ongoing motion to investigate strange objects performing impossible maneuvers in the skies around the world, reportedly detected and witnessed by the Navy, the Air Force, and even tracked via satellites. The interview answers some questions on Unidentified Flying Objects, aka Unidentified Aerial Phenomena but also opens up so many more questions.
There is a lot of anticipation for the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force and Department of Defense report which is due for inspection by a congressional committee.
Do the objects represent a threat? Are the UAPs piloted by extraterrestrials? Are aliens visiting Earth? It is important to note that while some are awaiting a form of UFO Disclosure to the public at large, the mystery of the UFOs in the skies of our planet will more than likely not occur with the release of such a report, but in fact may instigate further investigations that can hopefully draw more interest from leaders in Washington to notice what many are calling for, which is a more transparent investigation into sightings, especially those who are witnesses in the Armed Forces.
With that said, given some of the comments spoken about by John Ratcliffe, members of Congress have already been briefed on various aspects of the phenomenon, and maybe have been alerted to some form of established threat identification. UFOs UAPs have been seen penetrating sensitive military and commercial airspace on many repeated occasions, tracked on radar, and witnessed by reliable sources. This interview seems to hint at what we may expect to come in the next 60 days, but more importantly, it brings the topic out of the fringes it has resided in for many years, into a far more serious mode of understanding, and the public wants to know!

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35 Comments on “TV UFO News Report – John Ratcliffe Interview – Maria Bartiromo”

  1. Look at how her facial expression changes when he says these are “seen all over the world” at 2:46. She was not expecting that.

  2. Before I watch this, I predict Maria will give a newsworthy cynical disbelieving smile or eye roll at some point.

  3. It’s great that at least one US network is willing to deal with this controversial topic!

  4. This says nothing! She didn't even mention anything about Area 51 Sites S2 & S4 where the aliens are housed underground or the 9 ufo craft that Bob lazar saw when he was working at S4 etc etc etc, that guy didn't say anything significant or that we didn't already know, he only confirmed that they are out there which we already knew about 70years ago! Lol 😆

  5. He was a lot more forthcoming than I expected based on the initial grin.

    Also he looks like Steve Carell which makes me trust him 😅

  6. wow from the uk finally someone with the nuts to talk about it…i know they are real i have had 2 experiences with flying saucers and triangles not lights in the sky.

  7. Thanks for sharing, this guy really went further than others in govt in dropping confirmations of UFOS being extraordinary

  8. I dont know what to expect of UFO report in June because i known long time ago that US Navy and US inventors have active patents on cylinder disk and triangle shaped crafts tractor beam device holographic system device and many more and that also Russian have many mind blowing patents of disk and triangle shaped crafts attack nuclear orbital laser hypersonic crafts with laser weapons one strange on communication from moon to earth of manned base on the dark side of the Moon crafts capable of interplanetary and intergalactic flights and remeber Russian Space Force have 150 000 personnel and that other countries have some of this patents ie China Germany United Kingdom Japan South Korea Iran also probably have and France. We humans have this technology and military secret space programs is on the way at least from 70s but will this UFO report include information about extraterrestrial or terrestrial inteligence species on earth or in space becasue they certanliy exists. I think that they will show to US people this secret UFO crafts their and from other enemy countries like Russia and China but we can only hope of that. People dont know of this information because of MSM they didnt tell to people that Vladimir Putin said in his 23rd december 2020 press conference that some Western states and their armies have new weapons based on physic and they know about that and they also have it and on other side retaired US Air Force general said in a=his addressing in Hillsdale College that they have advanced technology that people dont know about and he did and said that Russia and China have secret space navy and ships in range of battleships and destroyers. If anyone wants to watch that interview i can post link of that.

  9. This is nothing new, has nothing to do with what year it is. I laugh at people who don't take this more seriously, not in a bad way but a honest way.

  10. Some great footage there and John Ratcliffe bears a storing resemblance to Jim Carey! So many people are waiting for this report but how much of it will be redacted or censored? We will soon know.

  11. Great interview by Bartiromo. She is a believer in the UFO phenomena. Ratcliff knowing that was willing to offer up his comments.

  12. Looks as if more data on the subject is going to be made public this summer. Let's hope so, everyone.

  13. The Best thing I heard was , "… So the American people can see what We have Been Dealing with."

  14. I have been hearing that there will be more data released, as Ratcliff said here. So, we have something to look forward to come June, it seems, folks. Let's all hope that it will be a significant release of information. I don't know how many here are from the U.S., but it appears that a gradual disclosure of information on UFOs (or UAP, if you prefer) started a few years ago from the U. S. government, and is continuing. It's more than overdue.

  15. Even The New York Times has published some material on UFOs which says, once you go far enough into the article, that the U.S. government, and private corporations as well, evidently, have had recovered UFO materials/vehicles in their possession for some time. If I knew more about digital technology, I would include a link to th( I came to modern technology kind of late), but television producer Bryce Zabel, if that is any help, people. In any case, if as conservative a news source as TNYT is running such material, it is new day indeed, it seems.

  16. Just want to add that U.S. residents should write to their Congressman, Senators, and President Biden himself, that it's well past time UFO (or UAP, if one prefers) secrecy ended. Linda Moulton Howe, among other well-known people in the field, are keeping a countdown to this report's release in June, and she encourages the same. The last thing the world needs as a whole, is another generation of cover-ups, and lies. Since practically everyone who started this policy, and kept it going throughout the 20th Century in the USA are deceased now, that's simply another reason to come clean on it all. With all of the phone-camera footage people are taking around the world on a daily basis, continued denials are becoming less credible by the day, as well. Right now, it appears as if we may receive a report somewhere in the middle (somehow!), and that's not what the world deserves.

  17. 📌As soon as CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, or NBC decide to cover this topic, I will post those reports too.

  18. Ever heard of Plasma balls or meteors or crashing space debris. Nah it's Aliens. If I were a curious Alien I don't think I'd light up the sky and advertise my precence. Roll on more Alien bullshit the Martians are coming.

  19. Must be Biden granting illegal ALIENS amnesty. At taxpayer expense, of course. While he get's more votes.

  20. Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO's) changed to Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon(UAP's)
    People are so stupid.. "I've seen a UFO," they think they've seen a grey alian. Change the lexicon because of it!! Yeah, I can understand it's the only option to calm people down a little!!
    Would they look with the same eagerness, excitement, fanatism even to causes, signs, criminal doers, and seek solutions, ideas, willing partners in industries, governments, across borders, regions, continents,…
    Climate change, disruption, pollution… it would be way less severe, as it has (clearly) become now!!! But, "see no climate change, I've got a snowball in my hands", is not gonna save the world. On the contrary!!! A meteor, like the one that killed the dino's, if I knew the spot of impact I would go there, stand with open arms to welcome it, with the biggest smile ever on my face!!!

  21. This will prevent many people who thought they were crazy from committing suicide. Life is way more interesting than we thought. What a good time to be alive !

  22. The latest, Cristina, that I can add is that reports circulating are that a struggle between U.S. governmental agencies is ongoing as to how much, if anything, should be revealed this summer. According to Luis "Lue" Elizondo, the people trying for full disclosure seem to be in the majority, and have the upper hand presently. The next month or so should be quite interesting, he has commented. I recommend Linda Moulton Howe's EarthFiles site for regular updates on this; I do not agree with all of Ms.Linda's ideas, but I am sure everyone will find them intriguing, to say the very least; I urge people to give her weekly program a listen for that reason alone, if nothing else.

  23. Several "mainstream" sources have had coverage recently, CBS This Morning, & 60 MInutes, USA Today, and others. Hope you will post new items soon – am informed more are on the way as we near the June scheduled date for release of the report on Unidentified Aerial Threats.

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