Two Massive UFO Refueling At The Sun (Formation)

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34 Comments on “Two Massive UFO Refueling At The Sun (Formation)”

  1. What if they are energy bubbles from the sun they pop and fly away. Solar flair we dont understand. Like the ufo idea too. But getting that close and escaping?

  2. Yeah, that was me fuel scooping in my Anaconda. The Class 5A fuel scoop that I keep meaning to buy would make the process a lot faster, thought.

  3. this channel is crap. i mean ASA/SOL pictures are officialy avaible and you could download them. why not provde for everybody the link to the source you twat!
    years ago i looked up this myself, downloaded the raw pictures and yes, there are strange spheres near the sun. so anybody could research themself that stuff, but NOOOO we have a twat here that likes it more to be subscribed than to actually inform people.

  4. In the eyes of aliens, people on Earth may be microbes parasitizing on a grain of sand. Is that why aliens do not communicate with us?

  5. The most simplistic explanation is usually the correct one. That being I do not know what this is. I don't believe it's aliens refuelling. I believe this because in spite of popular opinion, there's so much more. About our own Solar system that remains unknown. We still find new life here on earth. For all any of us know, this anomaly could be a routine and typical function and or property of a star.

  6. So I keep seeing they debunked it but I haven't seen one photo or video that looks like this. Seriously go research everything they keep saying it is and none of it looks or acts the same. Maybe not a UFO but definitely not some easily explained event. Honestly, the two objects leaving the sun simultaneously is odd and inorganic. This is just like when they found Xenon has on mars (only produced and discovered after use of man-made nuclear weapons) and they tried to quickly cover it up saying it was Beryllium being hit by radioactive particles. How can you say that when 1.we don't know if any natural source ever…a bit assumptions and 2. It was localized in a giant crater….one thing I know is I can't trust the government or nasa

  7. I'm no genius, however if they were indeed objects that size, they would have their own gravitational pull and would affect the order of planetary orbits, would they not?

  8. Who could shoot that? I wonder how we can have pics so clear from the sun and why it's so difficult to get good pics or video from moon.
    If anyone can explain to me, in english or french, I'm open minded.
    Thanks !

  9. The angelic orders are incredibly powerful. Satan and the fallen angels had lost a lot of their powers due to fall, but as you can see, they have retained a lot of their might too. They were with God a long, long time ago, before the rebellion.

  10. if allien spaceships can be so close to the sun,that really scares me to imagine how much more advanced the are from us humans.

  11. Just mini blackholes . created by the sun.once got enough heavy material a reation a magnet opposite reverse .positive an negotive repails .then its instantly rejected .as it leaves it then begins to shrink .a beginning of blackholes. The start of the theory of the big crunch ?

  12. The original NASA footage was timed and this Jupiter-sized UFO refueled for 80 hours!!! Remarkable footage.

  13. Technically an act of war, a foreign species tampering with our Sun is life-threatening for all of Earth's inhabitants. Not like we could do anything about it

  14. These are coronal mass ejections and a prominence. They happen from time to time when cooler streams of plasma encounter the sun's magnetic field. They are not "massive UFOs." That's just dumb.

  15. Bullshit! That's just some natural activity going on at sun and nothing else. Don't try to fool people

  16. Its 2 huge souls … u dont want know why they are so huge…they are stealing not only energy…

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