22 Comments on “U.S. Government Releases Official Report on UFO Sightings”

  1. Faulty radar equipment, military funded projects and privately funded projects. The term UFO means Unidentified Flying OBJECTS. It does not mean little green men in flying saucers. Psychiatrists would call this mass hysteria and mania. Seek professional psychiatric help and get over it.

  2. Its obviously Big Feet who came around to steal votes spread the virus and deliver the babies to the Democrat's. Thanks Obama.

  3. This stonewalling is an act of war agest the people and we don't need a government we can not trust anymore.

  4. Whenever world governments agree on anything, the majority population should pay attention and become wary. Ufo's, terrorism, Covid, etc. the fact that no nations' rulers will break ranks and tell the truth to the rest of the world is a chilling and dangerous situation and the people will always get the short end of whatever stick is being waved. It is well past time that common folk realize that in the us vs them conflict, we are the stronger of the two groups. They may have all of the bombs, hardware, and technology at their disposal but we have the numbers and if and when we wake up and act in solidarity, we can shut down the whole shooting match in a single day. We need a world wide strike where everybody stays home and refuses to do another single days work until we get health care, a decent standard of living and once and for all, the truth about what's going on. We also need to see real justice for the criminals that have been lying, looting, and leaching off of the masses. We need the immediate release of all political prisoners around the world.

  5. another deception. One day they will stage something and the whole world will believe it. Maybe these "aliens" will demand vaccination 2.0

  6. The goverment are saying its a security threat but If they wanted us dead we would be well gone by now

  7. I was gonna buy me a car, but with UFO's flying around, I don't have to
    I'll just get me a rope and lasso me down to earth a UFO and fly to work.

  8. There are real UFO, but there're alot are fakes around this planet, some're under research status from the world military, crimes always like to used the name of Alien or UFO to super threatening countries public funds & propers some even lifes threaten or committed to gangster for crimes

  9. US government is trolling with last gen military equipment or video trickery. The stealth fighter was new almost 40 years ago according to what they tell us. I'm sure they haven't been sitting on their hands all this time. Also if alien life was advanced enough to travel here they could surely play a better game of hide and seek. Also it would be horrible defensive tactic to admit you can't explain something you see. It would show militarily technology weakness and let a possible advisory know you can see them. This is real or faked tech used to deter aggression. Or aliens.

  10. This has been going on for decades and they want to put it on Russia or China? If either country had this tech for more than a DECADE, we would of felt it by now. Rule out foreign countries and look at what’s left…

  11. U.S.A. Feds created their own UFOS to try and scare Americans while framing Putin (again). They don't like Putin because he publicly stated that Biden is illegitimate President. Deep State knew far in advance, that the beloved Christian President of Russia was going to be a problem for them in the future, which explains why they set up the fake "Russia Collusion" scandal as soon as Trump was elected in 2016. This is very telling as to just how long they were planning out the 2020 Presidential Election Heist. They have kept this "UFO CARD" in their back pocket for many years, and are finally using it now, because their global communist agenda is the the most major long-term priority they have ever had and has been decades in the making. Trump and Putin stand in their way, so just frame them as evil and persecute tens of millions of citizens, right??? Is that really the kind of government you want to hand over full, totalitarian control to???

  12. Someone please tell me where to get a deflating balloon that hovers motionless, In high winds, for long periods of time, and that travels 30 times the speed of sound. Better yet 9 deflating balloons that simulteously surround navy warships while demonstrating descernable intent/intelligence in their maneuverability. Thats one hell of a deflating balloon 🧐

    EDIT: Lets not forget that these events have been going on all the way back to ancient times. We can thus safely cross out other countries as being their potential source because said country would've EASILY taken over the world by now. The question them becomes: Where can an intelligently controlled craft that displays non-human made impossible technologies (and has been doing so for a very long time) possibly be from??? I mean it takes the BARE minimum amount of common sense to assume that they're other worldly. This isn't even a debate anymore at this point, and is frankly quiet laughable. It is mind boggling to me how one cannot see this reality given the above facts as well as the HUGE pool of other rock solid & DECICIVE evidence that exist. As far as I'm concerned, as it stands right now, the real conspiracy is that we are alone in the universe.

  13. It is enough to listen to Michio Kaku or Stanton Friedman and it is easy to conclude that this report is fiction, all interested know well that the US government will not present unequivocal conclusions and will not reveal the truth, because it knows that 95% of the human population declares faith in a god, by the way nobody has ever seen. Is this mass schizophrenia?

  14. Forget about aliens, even if they are already here on earth, but focus on UFO. Only if humans can have our own UFO, we could talk to aliens at the same level…

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