U.S. Intel Report On UFOs Inconclusive

According to two U.S. officials, an intelligence report investigating some of the more than 120 incidents reported over the past two decades is inconclusive. Officials worry the objects could be advanced systems by another country.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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U.S. Intel Report On UFOs Inconclusive


35 Comments on “U.S. Intel Report On UFOs Inconclusive”

  1. I know it might be shocking but "humans lie and this is all fabricated by the military" is a better explanation than "It's not humans and they only hang out near military actions".
    See: FLIR airplane and balloon videos
    FLIR cameras exaggerate the appearance of infrared radiation so objects usually appear surrounded by a halo or field.
    The ocean (water, generally) reflects radiation so you can have an object above the ocean's surface and the FLIR will present it within the reflected radiation so it appears to be underwater to a person who doesn't understand or recognize this photographic technology.
    Also, when below the radiation threshold but above the water a reflection on the real water can make the object appear to deviate into two objects.
    Let aliens be out there.
    Our computers work so we know we understand physics and quantum mechanics well enough to say these things cannot be from elsewhere because that would defy the laws of physics.
    These are human contraptions presented in a way intended to confuse and excite you so you trust the need for our military all the more.
    Humans lie.

  2. US GOVERNMENT: YES we are aware of those flying objects, but no evidence suggests that those are alien spacecrafts, but they could be either Russian or Chinese Tech"

    PRESS: IS there any evidence suggests they are either Russian or Chinese?


    PRESS: Are they American?


  3. Lol my intel reports have concluded that there are indeed alien gravity craft powered by element 115 or something like that. It greates a gravity field thats kinda like a magnetic field. With this technology they can probably reach FTL travel and probably just phase right through planets and whatever. Its very obvious that the technology is not from earth and the reacotors are definitely not powered by something thats mineable on earth.

  4. The whole ufo thing is to get peoples attention on something else as more and more people are noticing that the whole "corona" thing is just over dramatic

  5. They r still lying they know that they r UFOs and aliens but the triangle ones are from America's black projects its called the TR3B and the tic tacs r called silver bullet from America's black projects

  6. Top officials came out and said that that UFOs are real the guy from Israel who was the head of there space program said that they r real and the government is working with them on Mars and the moon the guy from the defense guy from Canada came out and said they are real but no believes them just because r government didn't say it

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  9. If it’s inconclusive, then you can’t say you have no evidence that it’s alien … That’s irresponsible journalism.

  10. What the United States should do now is to find out the ghosts in the United States that prohibit or prevent the investigation of COVID-19. Investigate the funds and mail of these people. Such as technology giants or Wall Street giants or US government officials and former politicians, biochemical laboratory academic circles and so on. The CCP has already used this virus, biological and chemical weapons to slaughter people all over the world, and launched a silent biological and chemical war against the world.

  11. Look, whatever they are, they're in violation of US airspace. So fire a hypersonic self-tracking missile at one and see what happens. Who knows? Might get lucky and shoot one down. But chasing after something capable of outmaneuvering with ease even the most advanced military aircraft isn't going to solve the mystery.

  12. This is ridiculous. They don't know if aliens are aliens.
    The fact that aliens are real and they visit this planet will never be officially revelated.
    MO of the deep state is eternal secrecy.

  13. Don't forget about hunter and the lap top, Hillary Clinton's emails and server in her home, joe biden taking china money, etc etc

  14. Fake news? I see just one problem….why they(military) have no day light camera
    pictures and videos of those crafts? Is not that strange if you
    realize, that military is capable of taking a day light picture of a dog
    from satelite and the same military still has showed no day light pictures and no
    day light videos of those crafts? It makes no sence to
    me….(either they have it, or it must be just a fake news)

  15. Ancient Astronauts, Elohim, Anunnaki, Igigi, The Watchers, The Sons of God, Fallen Ones, Stars of Heaven, Sky People, Nephilim, Angels & Demons. If they are here, they've likely been here for a very long time, and they have had many names besides. There's nothing new under the Sun.

  16. They know exactly what this is and it’s NOT human technology. Why can’t they just admit it’s aliens. We know it. They know it. Stop lying about it.

  17. My UFO… Incredible video with multi 90* turns reported to the the local News, Sheriff, UFO Center and MUFON with zero follow up by any.

  18. Oct 28 last year, witnessed something go from slow to something akin to warp speed from star trek. The trail it left in just an instance was a beautiful sight I hope I can witness again.

  19. They’re not made here on Earth, that’s for sure. They have been spotted around the world for centuries, and they all have been described similarly. If they “accelerate” quickly due to warping space and time around them rather than the craft actually moving, that may be cause for the consistency lack of visual clarity due to gravitational lensing. 🤯

  20. There’s breakthrough technology here on Earth that, if discovered as alien made, would rock human consciousness and you people care more about TikTok and the Kardashians. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  21. I like to imagine that they’re surveying us to see if we’re intelligent enough to be worth saving from our own man made disasters. They’re watching us from there old beater of a UFO eating popcorn and snickering at us Neanderthals.

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