U.S. military pilots are pushing for investigation into UFOs

Richard Madan reports on a move by the U.S. military that may be giving more credence to long-discounted UFO sightings by pilots.


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33 Comments on “U.S. military pilots are pushing for investigation into UFOs”

  1. I think it all fake . Flying in a f16, the pilot could have easily speeded up and had a close up view of its occupants!

  2. You want to know the truth watch bob lazar. The belly of th ufo point's towards its destination and the anitgravity radiator sucks it in . thats why that saucer is sideways.

  3. Future come back. Special toaster burns an ability for something to show up in a spot of time travel. And the 2 pelladupe piles are future sciencs

  4. They were correct to jam the fighter pilot's controls, because he would have been the first to open fire. True in the case of a bona-fide as well as a copycat craft; the best way to avoid entanglement. Earth's still most sophisticated airlines and systems are still primitive technologies in comparison.

  5. "And some of them never get explained"= unidentified (cause you don't know what it is). Its flying. And its an object….U.F.O!!!

  6. It is not a joke I'm from Jacksonville Florida and scene to UFOs in the late 90s over the top of the pine trees moving slow with multicolored lights I thought it was maybe a couple glider planes what glider planes do not stop and helicopters make sounds it's for real not very big though

  7. There is no threat and they know that. They're just augmenting the reason for anybody that could be responsible for it and come forward with the belief that they know what's going on- when they don't. What you should really suggest is what they want to improve their situation in protecting it. Then you know; and then you can logically understand either the position or the legacy.

  8. It's a DoD vehicle in testing. The pilots don't have clearance. Hypersonic vehicle would explain this. Hell it could be a nuclear powered vehicle. That's what they built in the 1960's because it could fly for weeks-months

  9. These are obviously birds…
    They look like they are going fast compared to the see below, but that's only an angular velocity illusion caused by point of view (military jet) moving really fast.
    To get a better idea of what is happening, here's a test you can easily do : When you are passenger in a car on the highway (don't do this while driving for safety reasons) lock your eyes on a pole and notice how the background is "moving" super fast. This is the same thing happening in this video! When they lock the camera on the bird, the ocean seems to be scrolling very fast behind it, which tricks our brain in thinking the bird is moving that fast, but it's only an illusion!

  10. "Might be military classified testings, where one part of the military not telling the other part of the military"

    Because UFO sightings has only happened recently and not hundreds and thousands of years ago………

  11. 1:30 I seen the exact same thing. Two spherical objects aligned with each other going at the same speeds. Except it was right above my house as I was sitting in my backyard. They are metallic and reflective which gives off the impression that they are lights when higher in the atmosphere. I had a close encounter with these objects, they were 100 yards or so above me just giving a flyby. Because a few minutes before that I seen a Dozen or so flying up in the atmosphere that just looked like points of light. Then there was a single light that stopped and sat there for a couple minutes before going back the way it came and after that I had the close encounter. It felt as if they knew I was watching them so they gave me a little show. They looked to small to be manned by any being so my guess is they are alien drones of some sort.

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