U.S. Representative says UFO's are "Out of Our Galaxy" Craft

U.S. Representative says UFO’s are “Out of Our Galaxy” Craft
Source TMZ

Tennessee’s US Representative Tim Burchette says Russia is not responsible for the UFOs radar and visual sightings being reported by U.S. Navy pilots.

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36 Comments on “U.S. Representative says UFO's are "Out of Our Galaxy" Craft”

  1. 99.99% of people think your a fool and the other 0,01% who would ordinarily believe you just fell about laughing at your intergalactic Giant Space Goat doo doo,

  2. I don't think he understands what a galaxy is. These vehicles certainly could be from within this galaxy, we don't even have the slightest clue about any possible life from a planet orbiting a star that is merely 5 light years away and this galaxy is at least 100,000 light years in diameter and contains at least 100,000,000,000 stars.

  3. At least this politician ( whoever he is) has the balls to go on the record and admit what he actually feels.
    I like honesty in a politician.

  4. He's not wrong! That said, it still does not prove what we are seeing is by any means extraterrestrial.

  5. Maybe We Are Beginning To Evolve Into Intelligent Beings: The American Public Has Wanted To Know Since The First UFO SIGHTINGS!

  6. HES NUTS nothing can move between Galaxy to Galaxy like he's talking about . These creatures are part human and they are from earth there is no other way. Sure they can fly in the solar system but they were spawned here

  7. Out of our galaxy? That is morr unlikely than from our own galaxy, wouldn't you agree? However, they could be extra dimensional. Mathematically, there are many more dimensions.

  8. Russians do have ALIEN technology and Russians have NO INTEREST OF OWNING ANY FOREIGN NATION, and that is a big difference between Russians and AMERICANS, and any congresman who is saying that is a LIAR and a PAWN in hands of us military industrial complex.

  9. Not only the American people needs to know the truth, the whole world needs to know. We know it's from out of this world, it's just stupid by them to still cover it up now.

  10. US govt insider, "Mike from Around the World", has disclosed that the govt worked with a SATANIST who conjured up ALIENS (DEMONS) resulting in ROSWELL. The govt extracted ancient advanced technology from these sinister Fallen Angels. ALIEN ABDUCTIONS have been stopped when the victims rebuked them in the name of Jesus Christ, thru faith. COW MUTILATIONS also caused by satanists conjuring demons. LA Marzulli has done extensive research.

  11. Does anybody know just when this report is due ? All that we keep hearing is that this block buster report is coming but when ?

  12. here in colo we have us a UFO war, epic dog fights over NORAD and ft carson. Then the aliens killed the Space Force Commander and they changed that story to.

  13. This guy is a NO BS guy, we need more like him, also we have a RIGHT TO KNOW, the US GOV. shows it cant be trusted more & more , theres things we should know about our place in the universe even if its good or bad, the late Ben Rich already disclosed what we have

  14. 😂 the morning wake up brain filter not kicked in.
    Later he remembers that was a top secret part.
    Tut. Oops

  15. Don’t believe the hype they want to keep the general population duped into believing in the ET explanation to cover up 100 years of tech that the public sector isn’t even aware of…

  16. Wow, totally didnt expect a politician to make this much sense. Is he a republican and a christian? Damn…

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