UAP ufo Attack in India❓. 70 dead. *factual news video pinned below on safety of lightning.

My research facts proves that the Supernatural Earth Being’s are behind the UAP glowing energy phenomenon and showing in the details of many lightning storms or bolts I’ve been studying.

Ian Armstrong.



7 Comments on “UAP ufo Attack in India❓. 70 dead. *factual news video pinned below on safety of lightning.”

  1. Have you seen that video of a guy walking down the street at night and he gets hit three times by Lightning ⚡️

  2. Your not crazy Ian. It’s the people of our generation that understand. I think we’ll be leaving this amazing world just in time. Because they’ve all been brain washed. Thanks for talking Human to human. Farmer girl. I’m in it for the real ride. Farmer girl. It’s down right freaky time. Love you Ian. Your not alone although at times it feels like it for all of us.

  3. I haven`t heard about this, but I hear what you are saying. Thing`s are rolling out. -And all the 411`s around. They are taking out DUMB`s and cargo ships full of kids, woman and newborn`s. The ones liberating finds half eaten victims laying around. The young guys that are doing the job are puking and scared for life. Let us hope, Ian, things are changing at a clean up will happen. Getting all wrong things rectified and getting the deception energy out of our forest and land generally. I hope this reaches you. 💖

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