UAP / UFO NEWS – China | Russia | ET? Insight into upcoming Pentagon UAP Report from CNA Singapore

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7 Comments on “UAP / UFO NEWS – China | Russia | ET? Insight into upcoming Pentagon UAP Report from CNA Singapore”

  1. Why was the pilot so happy to lock an object on radar that’s in restricted airspace. They would be ordered to shoot down if they thought it was China or Russia..

    Odd why they don’t include India , when India has a more advanced space technology and has a surveyor around Mars , more advanced than China

  2. I guess it was china and russia flying these things in ww2 right?? Smh at the notion it could be them…This phenomena predates the existence of BOTH countries!

  3. It's not Russian or China it's something else it's obvious to anyone including the pilots of those aircraft that something unknown is violating every countries air space and has done so for a very long time.

  4. Hi Thomas i have patents from US Russia China and Germany on antigravity UFO crafts in shape of Triangle Disc Cylinder and Sphere if you are interested on this i can post them here.

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