UAP / UFO NEWS – Jeremy Corbell discusses talking points from Lue Elizondo – UAP is NOT human tech

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With UAP instantaneously accelerating to 43,000 there should be little doubt that this exoctic technology is not from HUMANS. Considering these UAP has been reported by Pilots for 100 years., this should leave little doubt that ETs are behind the Phenomenon.

Jeremy Corbell discusses talking points from Lue Elizondo – UAP is NOT human tech. What do you think?

Clip From Fox11.

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7 Comments on “UAP / UFO NEWS – Jeremy Corbell discusses talking points from Lue Elizondo – UAP is NOT human tech”

  1. 1) Mass hysteria carried over from the mid 20th century and it's all a big nothingberg. 2)Disinformation from our own government to distract from the stolen German tech of late WWII and we fully developed antigravity craft (most likely). (aliens full cover story and a good one at that). 3)It's Aliens. I doubt it is China. No way it is Russia. That leave us or aliens. 😉 We will never know, which leads me back to the fact, this is USA Tech. If it was Aliens, there would be some crystal clear videos of them and their crafts. It would be too big of a secret for any one person in the government to keep, let alone thousands of folks who would have been in-the-know. If it was our tech, it would be a national security interest, and no one would risk harming their country by letting the cat out of the bag. Again, Aliens? Someone would spill the beans with tons of proof. Tech? They would be patriotic and keep their mouths shut.

  2. It really feels like we're embarking on an amazing era of discovery in human evolution. It's completely fascinating to watch it all unfold firsthand.

  3. Impossible acceleration and deceleration curves with physics as we know them publicly…. Either it’s new physics or it’s new intelligence with new physics.

  4. So you are telling me that after 70 years and multiple crash retrievals that the best mines in the United States haven’t figured out how these things work? Of course they have they do have their own fleet and they do have the secret space force. But that’s not what we’re seeing flying over aircraft carriers, nuclear reactors, missile silos and deactivating them that’s them doing whatever they’re doing to get our attention.

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