UAP / UFO NEWS – Nick Pope discloses upcoming PENTAGON UAP REPORT to detail 120 UAP incidents

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9 Comments on “UAP / UFO NEWS – Nick Pope discloses upcoming PENTAGON UAP REPORT to detail 120 UAP incidents”

  1. They can’t just say ‘some of it is Russia or China’ that’s ridiculous. Nobody on earth has such technology.

  2. So russia or china had tech that defies the laws of physics in the 1950s before atari came out… riiiigghhhttt….

  3. To me UFO testimonies are in the same boat as near death experiences and interlinked. I mean if there is an afterlife its probably used by aliens to communicate over vaste distances. And given the physics involved it's likely the Vail of death has already been pulled back by a sufficiently advanced race and the substance of spirit identified.
    It's very possible they understand the human condition better than us which means if there is a God or sense of "being" within nature they may understand it's origin and therefore existence in this universe.
    So it would seem that we do have some ideas on how to communicate with UFOs if there is an afterlife. Astral projection or the use of psychodelics would be preferable to human sacrifices or flat lining in today's society.
    Still it makes you wonder if the military knows that UFOs are sited in the same spot for months at a time then why not set a trap to catch one. I mean depending on how much they know Hollywood can make a pretty convincing wreckage that the aliens would need to recover to keep the secrecy going. But maybe they can read minds so fooling them would be impossible. We wouldn't know until we tried.

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