UAP / UFO NEWS – Scientists remain skeptical post Pentagon Report – We should look to the stars.

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6 Comments on “UAP / UFO NEWS – Scientists remain skeptical post Pentagon Report – We should look to the stars.”

  1. of course the scientists are skeptics they think they know it all so to go back on what they believe would be admitting they are wrong and would be an impossible act for them

  2. LoL, scientists believe other life may exist if we look in the right places.

  3. Skeptics are fine, as long as there is not a deliberate historical effort by governmental agencies to suppress a topic such as UFOs. Under the current conditions, skeptic pawns are adding to the suppression, inadvertently acting against their own investment in Science and reason. They are helping to suppress a topic that would greatly contribute to Scientific understanding. They are being manipulated and used. Clever government personnel figured out how to enlist their unknowing assistance in maintaining the UFO coverup by exploiting their natural skeptical tendencies. As such, Skeptical Scientists cast enormous doubt upon the existence of UFO phenomena. If one assumes that skepticism is beneficial while information is being suppressed, that is highly dubious. More likely, it is adding insult to injury.

  4. They're earthlings, too many of them here for them to be new. I have a video in two versions, original and increased contrast, both are in my shared videos. Literally thousands of them through a telescope outside my bedroom window. Watch your own clouds in the same way, you'll see the same thing, guaranteed! Well, given you aren't completely blind and unwilling to perceive fast movements in the clouds🤷 They can't play dumb forever 🙄

  5. I’m curious what the standard stance is for scientist about the countless ancient artifacts, stone writings and sculptures which show ancient cultures around the world separated by thousands of miles and thousands of years all speak in detail about visitors from the skies above, and not only the sky but specific Star systems, that came down and taught them things, one being science ironically. If one looks at the artifacts left behind, and the details of the planets and stars that modern culture only later confirmed to be true with high powered telescopes, it can’t be denied unless through cognitive dissonance. How does the scientific community view this information, or do they simply ignore it. Fascinating. It seems if anyone researched ancient cultures you will
    come to the conclusion that earth has been visited by highly advanced off-earth civilizations.

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