UAP / UFO NEWS – UAP Report expectations from the US Government's news agency: VOICE OF AMERICA

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10 Comments on “UAP / UFO NEWS – UAP Report expectations from the US Government's news agency: VOICE OF AMERICA”

  1. My guess, it’s gonna be released late Friday. They are embarrassed about all of this; they’re old school and think dropping it Friday night will prevent mass coverage because there won’t be nightly news coverage and the can have the weekend to mitigate reaction the following week. It’s out of date thinking, but that’s the pentagon. Late Friday, mark my words.

  2. This crap has been going on ever since the 40's. Elizondo, just like many before him, is a nut job who happened to work for the government. Robert Bigelow and Jacques Vallée were doing it in the 60's and are still at it, ffs! Unfortunately, there has always been a few crazies in the government pushing for wacky task forces, like researching werewolves, ghosts, beings from other dimensions, telepathy and other paranormal bullshit. Looks like governments aren't immune against quackery.

    Basically, people, the truth is that there are NO UFO's whatsoever. There is zero evidence anyway. This group of clowns composed of Elizondo, Mellon, Reid, Corbell and a couple more are lying to your faces. They are con artists. The government knows very well there's nothing to declare. However, they'll play it on the safe side out of respect for the millions of morons who believe in UFO's/aliens, and they'll simply say they don't have enough evidence to conclude on anything. I don't think they're doing people a favor by not helping them grow a brain, but hey, they're not all geniuses… To be continued…

  3. I'm conditioning myself to be realistic in my expectations. Stay focused soldiers, there's still a few battles yet to go after Saturday's funhouse.

  4. If it was something from China or Russia. America would have been destroyed 70 years ago.Use common sense.

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