UFO A Concave Tunnel Entrance On Mars, Identical To Earth

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35 Comments on “UFO A Concave Tunnel Entrance On Mars, Identical To Earth”

  1. omg… mars is not TOTALY exterminated, but no thats DEFINITLY no tunnel.. u know the light comes out of LOTS tiny and big holes, what that is, is just a comet in soft .. under that softer ground, its full of energie from whatever kind of URANIUM ETC.!

  2. they haven't given us a real picture of earth yet and you all believe this crap about pics from mars..wake the hell up people its all fake..

  3. UFOvni2012 is a mong and hasn't a leg to stand on proving this shit! And judging by his lack of defence on this video probably means he has the intellectual knowledge of a peanut!

  4. nothing to see hear people! move along… just some random alien mining cave for sno…. oow… BUSTED!!!

  5. It's to bad that the public can't go see these places cause the government will shoot you if you try. I would love to go in a big group of people and check it out.

  6. exelente exelente lo que están ustedes publicando y que coneste documental sepa la gente y los mas grandes estadistas que no estamos sólo este universo hay que compartirlo con todos los seres espirituales y materiales sean ellos del agua del aire o de la tierra. y juntos compartiendo toda la sabiduría de todos los los planetas haremos un sólo cosmo y diremos y resaremos dándole. a dios del cosmo. gracias por la vida. y vivir. en los jardines del universo 🌃💒🌇🍀🐫🐊🌴🐬🐙🐝🐦🌞🌠🌹🐬🐏🚎

  7. Ok stonner no problemI know there are nuts in the web but there nuts all over and Fearing will only hold you back dont forget if you are American you have the right to be armed to protect yourself and all others.Its not a concave tunel in mars but,yes we do have a secret space program and yes we are not alone in the universe.

  8. Je pense que nous ne sommes pas seul sur terre comme sur Mars ou sur la Lune.
    des satellites ont photographier des Bâtiments et aménagements divers sur la Lune et ce n' est pas nous qui les avons créé.
    sur Terre comme sur Mars quelqu'un a aménager l' entré de ces tunnels et construit un dôme de protections en forme de casquette, alors une vie extraterrestre aurais aménager ces grottes pour y vivre a l' abri des regards terrien ou Martien ou Lunaire.!!!
    j'ai vue de mes yeux par 4 fois en 1960 – en 68- en 91 et en 2016 des engins extraterrestre surprenant et qui font peur.!!!

  9. BS. Man cannot leave Earth.
    We live in an enclosed system and NASA is full of shit with their fake images and lying freemasonic assholenauts.

  10. This is not a tunnel is a dune, you can see that with the largest black and white original photo PSP_010086_2615_RED

  11. WELL… I'm net an expert,but if you ask me this ''THING'' on Mars looks much more of what you talk about then even those on Earth that
    ''WE KNOW'' are underground MilitaryBases !!!
    p.s. LORG,OH LORD IF I COULD ONLY TELL YOU… But I will and everyone will know AfterMyHahaha''CancerDeath'' In jail Called KPD-Niš in
    the city of Niš,Serbia ''+38118'' (If I Don't SuddenlyDisappear As ThereWasNever ME) Milan Karakušević !!!

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