16 Comments on “UFO appears and disappears into thin air over volcano, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. What I believe happened is that this UFO suddenly teleported out of the alien base below the volcano and materialized above the volcano and began moving…however the UFO opens up a doorway (wormhole) and enters it quickly vanishing.

  2. I was out back one night watching what i thought was a satellite before it picked up speed and dissapear like a shooting star..only to be followed at the same speed and trajectory by another one that wasnt previously there…gobsmacked

  3. Thanks for sharing, Scott, really appreciate you tracking these events, bro! What do you make of claims that this cylindrical object is simply a 'meteor', or a "burning chunk of meteor", as some in the comments thread would have it? I'm sure you'd disagree, but I'm interested in both your take and insights.

  4. I think its unrealistic to assume that the ufo originated from an underground base, but maybe the volcano had an effect on the space around it creating wormholes in the fabric of space which the ufo used to reach a destination, or maybe it flew through accidently.

  5. Nice 👍 I have just put some new footage up of fleets over London on this channel and my system Failure 2 channel pop over

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