UFO As Big As Texas In NASA Archive Photo! UFO Sighting News.

Source photo: https://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/SearchPhotos/photo.pl?mission=ISS006&roll=E&frame=51192


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  1. Hello, Scott, on site you mentioned there are 3 images. On 2 from them there is UFO , but on the file named  "original file from camera" I didn't found this UFO. I enhanced the image but in vain. There is something other, but not this one. Probaly I'm not right and simly not discerned it. Probably guys from NASA changed original image. Check the original image, please. here's link for original file from camera: https://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/SearchPhotos/photo.pl?mission=ISS006&roll=E&frame=51192

  2. Ce que j'aime dans ce genre de vidéo c'est qu'une pièce de 50 cent peut paraître une planète ah ah ah ah ah ah c'est loin, c'est flou et avec ça des milliers de vues champion le gars ah ah ah

  3. It looks like a submarine the size of Texas which is as large as countries populating millions of people. Imagine how many animal-torturing societies could fit in there. if they were to get a taxi ride into outter space, who would be left for exporting junk to us?

  4. Give me a call when they get out and introduce themselves.
    This is as fake as it gets.
    NASA is always playing with a ball.
    They cannot go back.
    But you only make video's to make sone money. You should know better.

  5. Something this large has to be their home. Probably don't have a planet anymore. It would be nice to know their fuel source. Or maybe it has no one or nothing on it any longer and it's just drifting along. We (USA Space Force) should claim it if it is unoccupied. It would be nice to have a jump on, jump off spot on the way to Mars.

  6. Scott, we need an update on your progress. Are you feeling better? Did you get checked out? Viruses popping up in China.


    >> 💕 BanGLadESh 💕 <<

  8. how did you determine it was the size of Texas ? from east to west is about 770 miles north to south is 800 miles . Show your work !

  9. I'm noticing that this was originally film emulsion that was scratched, with dust particles, scanned into a digital image. I don't discount that it does appear something unusual is showing on the outer edge of the earth's atmosphere, however, I can't remove the possibility that the original emulsion needs to be closely inspected. It looks like Hasselblad wide-format film, which would imply it was taken on a spacecraft? If they were looking through a window it can't omit the possibility that it wasn't obscured by a window, however, I can't imagine the shape of a flat top surface object (which I was initially thinking might be indications of scratched edges with some kind of residue, judging from the other scratches and particles in the digital scan.) The film can lend greater credibility to it being authentic, which is what I imply by examing it better.

  10. I seen your video today on a breaking news app. Not even going to kid….I was disappointed to find out your video was 3 weeks ago and we are just finding out. I'm going to subscribe.

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