UFO At Space Station, Jan 2020, UFO Sighting News.

NASA Source: https://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/SearchPhotos/photo.pl?mission=ISS061&roll=E&frame=120436


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  1. Interesting find, but to me this looks like a regular reflection on the window from the inside of the space station. Especially the dark reddish areas above the white "tic tac" look very similar to reflections on windows. I miss the totally black space there.
    On the right top ( below the big white robotic arm ) there is a rectangular bluish area which could be the reflection of a monitor behind the camera.

  2. Sorry guys, Youtube turned off comments on every video of mine earlier today. I think I fixed it. But still irritating.

  3. The problem I have with this image, is that you can obviously see that a fish lens was used in the iss to take this picture. Unfortunately the "craft" shows no discernible curvature and therefore was placed on top of the iss camera image.

  4. What is the angles and the corners to make it look like a spaceship . Is it written down anywhere to say what the Angles and the corners of a spaceship is it supposed to look like. The two reflections appears to be just the lens glare

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