18 Comments on “UFO – Beijing, China, 1995”

  1. A classic debunker silly answer. You can't explain what it is, but you can distort it. I can fake the moon landing in a Studio, but that does not mean that we've never landed on the Moon.

    Sorry, your twisted logic has been demolished.

  2. When? Where? I don't see him analysing the video. Using that kind of fallacies I can do a fake moon landing video and say: "Hey, we've never reached the Moon". I can see a plane crashing in a building is some movie on TV, that does not mean the planes are not able to crash the buildings in the real life.

  3. Oh sure, and there were no planes crashing into two buildings on September 11, 2001, 'cause I've watched the same thing on a TV serie. Hello!

  4. I see nobody laughing, and hardly ever you and the other guy can give a serious reply (and of course you are NOT "everyone"). Take care of that paranoid and sick way of thinking about everyone is watching you.

  5. Again, I'll comment on this. Let me rephrase it a little better. How can a street lantern tilt side to side and move left to right from one side of the building to another? This is genuine. In fact I'd be more impressed to see that than this UFO.

  6. I think a possibility is that it is light-up, illuminated blimp. Not saying if that's the case or not, but it's a possibility, and a likely explanation. I am both a believer and a skeptic, and believe that all ufo's and experiences relating to them should be checked with scrutiny to the highest level before being considered a genuine possibility. 

  7. 我在这个时候也见过,所以我特地搜索这个事情 当时我指着问是什么,他们都说测天气的现在想想不可能。

  8. I finally found this video after all these years! Me and my brother saw EXACTLY THE SAME UFO from the balcony on the 1st of January at midnight in the year 2000! It had the EXACT same size, color, speed and movement pattern! Our sighting was only ~20 seconds long since it went behind the buildings. Too bad we didn't have our point-and-shoot camera at hand to capture it. Let alone smartphones. 😢 It was my first and last flying saucer sighting. I was a total believer in the UFO phenomenon since that day.

  9. This is without a doubt an alien spacecraft from thousands of light years away. No way this could be man-made because of the obvious advanced technology of a slow moving, bright object.

  10. The halo under the ship is one indication for a antigravity propelled craft. The maneuver another. The angle to change upwards or downwards when ascending or descending is a typical antigravity propulsion characteristic. Blimps doesn't have to do that. They just ascend or descend. But field propelled crafts. Not necessarily ET, could be US military craft. Piloted by US military. They use this technology for spying

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