UFO Censorship : Stephen Bassett Erased – The Out There Channel News Episode#2 (23Apr2018)

UFO News Flash – A look at Steven Bassetts Wikipedia BLUE’s

UFO Censorship : Stephen Bassett Erased – The Out There Channel News Episode#2 (23Apr2018)

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4 Comments on “UFO Censorship : Stephen Bassett Erased – The Out There Channel News Episode#2 (23Apr2018)”

  1. Note, I dont narrate it out.. too much to read.. but you will need to pause each page of text to read the chat and what they are saying for reason of deletion. Basically, that hes not Famous to justify a page and not enough references that are verified.. so wiki on many things in that case should be deleted such a channel poster put up an example, The Bible, refers to hundreds of people where there was no record of them actually
    existing from records of the time or literature of the time .. The Bible is a conspiracy theory / fictional drama. Do they
    wish to argue that it has no place on wiki. What about other religions
    that the censor doesn't agree with?

  2. I did watch this yesterday but got a phone call a couple minutes in so I couldn't read it all. Oh well, I did this time and you got two full views from me too? 🙂 I really wish that Ancient Aliens would try a little harder to invite more qualified and reputable guest hosts on their shows in this new season. Every time I see Georgio T. or David H.C. show up on the screen I know that the segment will be total BS. The best thing about AA is watching the pictures of megalithic sites with the sound turned off. TNQ

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