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  1. Werner Von Braun was a very good man and spent the rest of his life as a US citizen contributing to your space program. He put man on the moon which is beyond any other known human accomplishment, even the construction of the pyramids.

    It is that precise thinking of talking points and brainwashing that is used to box in our thinking.

  2. well yeah there is definitely paranoid here; I don't really buy this presenter's theory/paranoia just because it is so sloppy– there are no facts and no logic. I guess I am just trying to push the subject toward something with real research and rationality. To be honest, I think there is little hope for the whole UFO community as a whole because they are so gullible. I am sure there definitely are UFOs about the place; however, what we need to do is get some real standards.

  3. Hahaha Lol. It was hard to reply as your comment was already marked as spam.

    Not a war criminal per se? He was the father of the US space program. He put man on the moon. Not a man, not a US man.. Man Human kind. He took mankind to another level that we have not reached at least in the past 10,000 years.

    He would have built rockets for whoever was willing to fund him, wherever he would have been bourn.

  4. This woman is not connecting the dots. Even with what evidence we do have there are "real" extraterrestrials from other worlds and are as real as us but there is also alien reproduction vehicles and PLF's being operated by the shadow government. Hell, the Nazis's were flying their Hannibu's since WWII so unless she is going to put together an actual investigative, factual presentation she is just misleading people.

  5. they are not good they are not bad but aliens (NEED) contact with humans. For their very existance we must think of them If we stopped thinking of them they would cease to exist. There are other beings that wish humans would think of them. But at this time we are unable to do that. According to my contacts Artwork by humans and musical peices are wondered throughout the galaxy and treasured by several species of aliens. There is the greys who are interdeminsional and live on earth in another dem

  6. You say "you" when you talk about the US invading. I warned everyone not to vote for Bush 2 times. They didn't listen. I did not invade any land, and I did not blow up anyone.

    That aside, perhaps we should work on social evolution before we invent technologies that allow us to destroy ourselves. That may be a faster, more direct path to evolution than the direct method.

    The end result should be a technologically advanced, highly educated, healthy future full of space exploration.

  7. 1. I know I sound crazy, but as someone who has a "psychic contact" and sees UFOs regularly when I feel him in my mind, I can't accurately say myself if they are indeed "good" or "bad" because I just haven't gotten to the conclusion of what they are trying to do with me. I haven't actually ever been abducted, but if it is an alien, it seems to want to work with me and get me to go along with it. It's a very long story, so I don't know if I can post it all here…

  8. 2. What I have learned from it is that one should not assume that a higher intelligence is the same as a higher being. A higher being has a harmonized sense of intelligence with morality, and it seems they play games of taking on the roles of authority figures to see if I am more easily impressed by them. In all reality, my workings with them have made me distrust all psychic entities that claim an ascended status or try to make you believe their words are fact or law…

  9. 3. Truthfully, I try my best to educate it and teach it about morality and why they SHOULD want to work with people willingly, and not treat them like "vegetables" or something that is lower just because of its configuration. I don't know if my discourses with it have taught it anything on how to behave or is just giving it more information on how to tactfully approach us to get us to cooperate with it, but as of right now, I don't trust it at all…

  10. 4. Whoa, I'm watching this, and I have never had it confirmed that other people were suspicious that the aliens feed on our energies and emotions. I had a feeling she was going to confirm it, but let me tell ya, with my experiences with this "psychic contact" of mine, I have to say I actually agree with her. Many of the mind games and philosophical battles I have with him tend to be specifically designed to make me feel or experience things…

  11. 5. And I have been suspicious that it was to feed off of those reactions, getting as much "flavor" and they can out of the experience. He tends to try and engineer things so I cannot focus on anything else than him. I also poked around into his own reactions and feelings about things, having learned a thing or two from him, and I do have to say that they tend to view us like food or "vegetables," loving to tend us like gardeners but doing it for the purpose of breaking us down eventually…

  12. 6. Basically, from what I can tell about this "psychic contact" is that he or it is the "human relations" expert. It knows how to work us very well and tends to be spread out throughout other human perceptions and exists TO inspire us to certain ends. What I cannot say, but there seems to be a wide variety of people who are influenced by it. For a while I was comfortable with believing that it was only an archetype typical in all minds, but as things progressed I became uncertain…

  13. 7. Truthfully, if it is an alien force, it applies the belief in coincidence to hide its tracks, making everything that is influenced by him/them/it to seem natural and innocent, but there is an agenda, and they are using something likened unto a subconscious, barely recognizable center of biochemical networking that ties all life together and can be tapped into by anyone knowledgeable of it. Their actual language cannot even be consciously processed by us mentally, and must be translated…

  14. Look at all the characters from our sit-coms. Everyone has a gay friend and live or work in diverse areas.Sesame Street was the first big attempt at social engineering aimed at children.

  15. The Greys are a genetically engineered version of reptilians (the entities of David Icke lore) and the gray body is a jumpsuit and the almond eyes are goggles. Their actual skin and eyes are reptilian in nature. The Greys were designed to conduct experiments on humans. And reptilians/greys feed off of the fear energy of children.
    This woman deserves more credit than the video viewers give her. She is on to something.

  16. this lady is so paranoid by the that people from other worlds are interacting with us, that she is unnecessarily trying to drive some gullible to fear their presence. she is so paranoid she cant sleep at night i bet. looking out her window fearing the day she might have to see a person from another world. as she comes off as "oh no what do we do they are different from us. they look different from us. who cares. we all except their existence so there is no reason to fear them any longer.

  17. Interesting. Especially that she pointed out how mass media is used to control public perception. I also have my doubts about the benevolence of our so-called visitors. If they are benevolent, then why the stealth ? The official line is that the public can't handle the truth………………thats BS ! Humanity has proven countless times how resilient and adaptable we are…………One other point to consider. Who is Karyn Dolan and what is her agenda ?

  18. interesting that the Poo Bahs are inventions of Mrs. Ryan Wood, whose husband with his father 1. received a new batch of MJ12 docs and 2. chose ret. Lt. Col. Michael Aquino of the Temple of Set as the psychological warfare expert to review these to see if they were psychological operations (psy op) stuff. Why pick him? sounds like they are part of his ToS scene secretly. Aquino was part of the Presidio child molestation scandal. Army considered him guilty enough to list him ("title") on this.

  19. This is a good example of a wife trying to cash in and be part of her husbands hard work. This presentation is horrible and she is stretching it a little. Richard Dolan has worked very hard on his UFO research and has made many presentations that are quite good. His wife now obviously wants a piece of the action and she comes up with this crap. Please…leave the UFO stuff to Richard and get your own career. She reminds me of Hillary Clinton riding the coattails of Bill Clinton. Disgusting. .

  20. Why shouldn't she talk about UFOs.  That is all she is been hearing about for years, so why shouldn't she like her husband educate the public about ufos.  She should get the info out there.

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