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The three stories I have you this week are the cryptid Mothman spotted at the site of another major disaster
The claims that the FBI collected and tested evidence of Bigfoot
And the third and final story looks at the recent comments made by the American commander and chief regarding alien contact
So let’s start with Chernobyl and the staff at the nuclear power plant ‘seeing the infamous Mothman flying over reactor’ just before the deadly explosion that claimed the lives of many!!
labourers at the plant claim that they saw an alarming and frightful animal with monstrous wings, a dark headless body and red shining eyes, an ominous omen of their coming fate, just before the massive blast and subsequent meltdown.
In the days leading up to the Chernobyl catastrophe, a few of the specialists working in the control room of the atomic power plant reported having seen an animal which has come to be known as the Blackbird of Chernobyl.

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16 Comments on “UFO CRYPTID and PARANORMAL News”

  1. Some suspect that these mothman sightings might be a bird flying away with a 🐍 in its talons.

  2. Mothman is the habinger of Doom. Bigfoot…The Goodies did a Crack up show on this! (Got to love ya Mum) Breaking news? My tummy been a bit odd…👀💨. Hope all the IF fam is good✌

  3. Hope everyone has had a great week. Almost at the 5k subs mark, I would love it if you could give me a like or if you're feeling generous a share. Let me know what you think this news style video is working?

    Thanks for helping the channel and supporting me in my work.

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  4. this looks just like a video the government would make to make conspiricy theorists look unreasonable or stupid. Both the video effects and the contents are just cringe and poorly done. Looks very purposely cringe.

  5. Like the new "If News" opening section.
    I think someone/something has got to Trump. He has long been promising "full disclosure".

  6. They don't brief new presidents on the secret issues until about 2,5 years in. When they feel they can trust them. Trump may have not been briefed yet. His order to get a base on the moon by 2025 is pretty surprising tho. There must be something going on up there.

  7. Love the new news format! I am sure that the FBI would not confirm it was an unknown primate even if they knew it to be true. After all if it was officially announced that Bigfoot was real, money would be lost as people would be too scared to go into the national parks or even the mountains. There may even be panic. Loved this video! ☺️❤️

  8. Hey IF. Got the notice this time. I love the new style and the intro. Just finished watching Chernobyl.

  9. wait, so the mothman calls you from his ??? cellphone and threatens you? not buying it

  10. Oh the MothMan! I was just having a friendly debate with someone discussing the true identity of The MothMan. Some seem to think that Blackbirds are responsible for a majority of sightings. Similarly, some think that the MothMan and Jersey Devil are one in the same.

    So did you hear about the discovery of the "Loch Ness monster" in Antartica? Kind of exciting. First the discovery of a giant squid in coastal waters and now the discovery of a record breaking PlesioSaur.

  11. I've seen UFOs, Ghosts but sasquach or mothman. I believe thay're real.

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