UFO Disclosure? Part 1 – Tom DeLonge and AATIP

A number of fans have asked me my opinion on the recent news around UFOs, and the apparent moves towards UFO disclosure on the part of the US government. I have been extremely skeptical of this “disclosure” campaign from the start, and I think it’s important that students of ufology take a critical look at these developments, and challenge some of the narratives presented. To this end, I’ve decided to do a two-part series on the disclosure campaigns of the 21st century, and how they’re not what they appear to be.

This is the first of these videos, covering the work of Tom DeLonge and To The Stars Academy, as well as the revelation of the AATIP program.

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Jessica Goodman. “Tom DeLonge on New Sekret Machines Book: ‘This is not just Tom Talking about UFOs Again.’”ew.com, April 5, 2016. Accessed June 13, 2021: https://ew.com/article/2016/04/05/tom-delonge-sekret-machines-book





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39 Comments on “UFO Disclosure? Part 1 – Tom DeLonge and AATIP”

  1. TA. I want to say thank your for this video. I happen to agree with much of your findings and conclusions. I do have one major divergence from what you say about 17:00. UFOs and creatures, whatever they may be, most definitely harm people during the course of abductions if we are to believe the victims. It seems that this phenomenon hit a fever pitch during the 1980s and 90s. I wonder what your opinion is on this. Thanks again

  2. I dont understand the spiritual element to UFOs, can somebody please ELI5 and suggest some content that can help me understand.

  3. Love all the work you do Jason! 💯🌟

    Would greatly like to see a video covering Dr. Karla Turner and her thoughts about abductions concerning The Phenomenon

  4. Couldn't the US just use the same excuse like in the cold war?
    I don't think they would use UFO disclosure for more money in a space race.
    Sounds dumb.

  5. You were wrong on a handful of key points (Like how Tom became involved with Lockheed and started this whole thing) and are doing exactly what you are accusing them of, framing a narrative. Without knowing what the phenomena is your entire argument is invalid. Until we know what the phenomena is with 100% certainty we have to put our blind trust into the national security apparatus. You wouldn't keep your cards this close to your chest without a pretty good reason. Satisfying the publics curiosity isn't worth compromising our nations and possibly our worlds security.

  6. There's a lot more people like that out there. Lets give an example; Dr. Steven Greer, a guy who claims he can contact aliens through consciousness, claims he knows all this information about "aliens" but has nothing but a few blurry and pixelated pictures/videos to show for it, plus films which make him tons of money.
    It's despicable.

  7. If your theory is correct then please explain the millions of documented U.A.P. or U.F.O. sightings in the last eight decades? Has the government been developing this idea since the beginning of the 20th Century to discredit believers in the 21st Century? You're using conspiracy and, "psudo-science experts." I know trusted people in law enforcement and the military who have been describing what they have seen in the sky's and in the oceans that are happening now. They describe the EXACT things that have been released in the videos. Do some research. So DeLonge is a U.F.O. nut, big deal. Also, please explain how recovered technology from the Roswell crash and others described by witnesses are now available for the public to buy at Walmart?

  8. Idk man. Usually your videos are more factual based but this just seems like an opinion piece. Nothing in this video credibly states anything. It’s all speculation. I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just saying you seem to be looking at the situation with a biased lens. There are calls for public scientific research. They have to force it into a purely technical view otherwise no one will take any of it seriously.

  9. Love your stuff my man but I've got a question – what's your take on the Neuschwabenland/Nazi ufo stuff?

  10. Aside from justifying a boost to space programs and black budget projects, this campaign also serves as plausible deniability for any weapons used by military that resemble the tic tacs etc.

  11. Dude uploading once per 2 month is real counter productive. Do a audio only version that you can upload each week

  12. 1. How do you know UFOs rarely interfere with military operations?

    2. No, Lue Elizando is NOT projecting a “threat narrative.” He says they have the potential to be a threat if they wanted to. That’s an obvious truth.

    3. To claim the national defense establishment isn’t the path towards disclosure is kind of ridiculous. We simply have no idea what UAP information or artifacts they posses. But documented reports certainly tilt towards them having more than just a basic understanding.

  13. Brah, where the fck you been. We need your videos. Youtube has gotten LAME AF.

  14. Their 'disclosure' videos are absolute dogshit . Lens artifacts , blurry screens filmed with iphones and if they have truly been spotting stuff you know they would have much better videos . This is a limited hangout in my opinion — just enough to keep the woowoo crazies convinced but not enough to tip any scales .They are just keeping momentum in order to justify their ridiculous budgets .

  15. It's crazy how easy and freely you use the word
    "Propaganda" as if it applied to this situation at all.
    I don't understand how you can propagandize ufos but ok! Lol
    I think you forget people have free will and can think for themselves. What kinda people would actually believe some rockstar and Joe pedesa 🤮
    People can read through propaganda. Not saying he should or shouldn't be so cozy with the government. Just saying it's a bit much to compare him to a propagandist. The people around him/ the people giving him info might be.
    But he is clearly just trying to get info out. He's doing what I would do in his situation.. how else are we supposed to get info out? Is David Frasier a government agency or a propagandist? He literally worked for the government. .
    It's all confusing and a big circle that seems to loop endlessly. It was made to be that way.
    It's way too easy to over simply it as "us gov bad"

  16. That report is like over 30 years old. Things change quick in America. The people who were kids then are now the ones in office.. I think it's completely understandable why the us gov flip flops so much.
    Wtf would you do with something so far from our realm of understanding? If you say you believe it. You look crazy! But if you say you don't believe it. You just look dumb..

  17. You pretend like America needs ufo to get more spending………..
    Does china not work for that?……..
    This whole video is a bit dramatic ……
    A rockstar releasing ufo vids for Hillary Clinton just so zoomers can get into bombing Syria and Iraq xD
    Like I know that's not what you said but that's kinda what I got from all this.. lmaoooo

  18. I really wish you would've done a video on the Betty and Barney hill case 😭😭😭

  19. In Elizondo's defense, he did explicitly say that he is merely trying to communicate the scientific data to the general public. This is the quantifiable information such as radar and other sensor data. I believe this is the only scientific data we have to reproduce study the phenomena at this time. Well there is also that Roswell debris, but that will never come out.

  20. Thank you very much for putting into words what I've felt for a while now. The cognitive dissonance that's been ramping up these past few years in ufology has really turned me off to so much of the "new" information being put out. These recent revelations remind me of that saying "everything old is new again". Each generation collectively learns anew about this phenomena, gets hoodwinked by some bad actor, and then forgets. Only a few people retain the flame of knowledge and carry it forth only to be ridiculed when they speak up to call BS on the newest disinformation agent or grifter playing on this elusive phenomena. There will be no truth until ufology legitimizes itself and stands next to other venerable sciences.

  21. Thank You Again! You have explained the military industrial complex plan cogently and succinctly.
    I have been trying to figure out the military's "plan" since they "released" those blurry deniable videos.
    All those videos can be reframed once funds are written in to law.
    I knew something was wrong when they only released 3 and during a volatile time in the previous administration.
    I was hopeful at 1st but when nothing more was forthcoming I knew it was another blue book scam.
    ( I just didn't know about blink 182's mouth piece.)
    In my life time the only 2 consistent actions taken by our military is disinformation and assuring the public that those who admit to experiences with Unidentified Objects are uneducated and insane.
    Please consider letting people know about the National Press Club event (which is on video) where many (former) military and government and aviation officials spoke on record regarding their sightings and experience with Unidentified Arial phenomenon.
    There are always going to be those who attack without thinking people who openly speak about aliens and UFOs.
    Many don't even realize they are victims of over 50 years of intensive reeducation by our own military, government, and free press.
    Facebook taught the world governments we the people can be studied and manipulated through our internet activity.
    Your scientific method and proposal today is sound.
    I guarantee- It will be interesting, sad and scary to see over time the full extent of our military industrial complex's plan
    to reformat the population view of UFOs..
    Only later will we see it was just another scam.. if we can still freely communicate via the net…
    Until then Please Keep an Open mind and research how immense our Universe is.
    -May the blind realize a fool thinks we are alone.
    – further realising other intelligent, thinking, living beings are out there and more advanced then we will ever be…
    Sorry for the long comment, but I stand by it and hold fast.

  22. The average person doesn’t have a clue to most of the ufo topic info that is available here and through other resources in general. The knee jerk reactions of most people today is that they don’t exist. I think that disclosure has to be done in a very nuts and bolts way to avoid the woo-woo stigma that surrounds the topic once again. To say “ Hey, ufo’s are actually real and by the way they aren’t just flying machines, they have ethereal, dimensional, and possibly spiritual implications too!! “ will lose 100% of your audience. Im sure disclosure has been planned for all contingencies by those in power including the baby steps necessary to achieve that goal. I believe they are starting small, with digestible pieces of info, gradually building up to the more controversial facets. I believe this Tom Delonge thing is a way for the government to shape public opinion so certain people within government aren’t persecuted. I also believe that the dust is still settling to the new ufo reality for many, and as time goes on there will be more credible scientists doing public research. Everybody knows Tom Delonge was being used including himself, the question is but to what end? I also have my doubts to the legitimacy of this disclosure but I’ll reserve my judgement for a later time, more is coming. Until then I will remain rationally skeptical.

  23. Oh. Disappointing. This isn’t coming from in the deep state. It’s a rag tag group of guys who want disclosure. The pentagon won’t even admit Lue ran the program for god sake. This is bs. Such a shame. I liked, no, loved your past videos.

  24. Anomalous, every time I see your new video notification my day gets better every single time. But this time im somewhat disappointed, if you were to actually study DeLonge and take the time to watch ANY of his full interviews youd be able to realize how full of shit he is and how hard he tries to sell you a fairy tale idea just to get you to buy his books, and frankly, no one seems to be interested in debunking all his other dumb claims. Just watch his podcast with Joe Rogan that's all you need.

  25. Government lies about everything, they’ve had this technology for hundreds of years suppressing humanity. Tom is a sold out shill and so is Rogan… not to be trusted! All aliens are jinn, they’re not here to help us
    👉🏻Abduction = kidnapping.. they are using humans for experiments/harvesting loosh energy just like the parasites that are currently in control! 🐍🦎👁👽🤡🌏 Nobody’s coming to save us 👈🏻 It’s literally up to us to save ourselves… and it ain’t looking good 🙄⏳

  26. By the way, do you know that there's a channel called FindingUFO, who is uploading your videos without giving you credit and he's got more subscribers and views than you do. I think you should report them and have those videos taken down, because a lot of effort goes into them and it's unfair.

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