UFO DISCLOSURE: Pentagon declassifies Navy 'UFO' videos? Confirms UFO Footage Is Real?

Are we in a period of soft disclosure? The Pentagon declassifies Navy ‘UFO’ videos? Now US Navy Confirms UFO Footage Is Real?

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Have we already made contact with another off-planet species?
Join Paul Wallis and Richard Dolan in this revealing interview ( Part 2) Part 1 can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPGlMPisfSA – Check richard out at https://www.richarddolanpress.com/ | & https://richarddolanmembers.com/

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39 Comments on “UFO DISCLOSURE: Pentagon declassifies Navy 'UFO' videos? Confirms UFO Footage Is Real?”

  1. Ok, who the heck is that white guy in the turtle neck sweater that's popped up a few times in the video ?????

  2. I was told when I was 8 yrs old, in Utica, NY: "you will see the world end as it is" & then a few minutes later, "when you're not here there won't be a world." I've never been lied to in over 7 decades of being 'told/ shown' thousands of 'knowledge' info of the past, present & future. Be filled with unconditional T.L.&C. (total love & compassion) to survive & 'move on' to 'like attract like energies' after this human form…..as our energies do 'create your future' place!

  3. The alike carnation marginally argue because bacon focally pinch vice a draconian lily. like, safe science

  4. I'm always amazed at how such advanced beings that can inter travel space manage to get here and then crash !!!🤔

  5. Getting us ready for The Great Reveal.
    Will it be aliens or fallen angels?
    All I know is: None of these creatures
    HAS THE RIGHT to rule or enslave use.
    Piss off!

  6. It is interesting how the first 3 statesmen were laughed at, but when the Israeli official spoke up, People finally started to listen

  7. My only concern is that this is lining up perfectly with Von Braun's prediction that The Powers of the World would eventually use Aliens to create enough Fear to push people into agreeing with the creation of World Govt. Only it won't be a good and benevolent one.

  8. In reference to Richard's answer to Paul's last question, NOBODY in science should take a definitive stance on Anything! That is when science becomes Dogmatic Religion.

  9. Why is no one talking about the TALL WHITES,and their space ships taking 25 to 45 min to travel from their home planet; that is 41 light years away from earth.

  10. That last message about how we humans have endured a lot, and we’re stronger than we think was a really lovely sentiment. It’s easy to feel small when you’re dealing with “handlers” who keep you in the dark on the hamster wheel, as it is feeling like you’re a zoo for the galactic people. I’m sure not all of them see us that way, but it’s nice to feel sovereign and worthy — we have a story, and a long history of oppression that perhaps one day we can use to help other star people in need. Firstly, we have to get off the gridlock, get off our devices and get into nature.

  11. Drip drip drip… Makes sense. Bob Lazar may be right then ? 32 years later, his claims were in 1989. That's a long time ago.

  12. Here’s my thoughts: there’s so many people humans on this planet that are racist. If they have to deal with the fact that there are other worlds and other races out there, their brains will explode. We need to except the fact that we are one race tied together by DNA. There is no superior race, then maybe we can move on to the truth about extraterrestrials.

  13. honestly i think the only way disclosure is going to be transparent is if amnesty will be provided for anyone who comes forth with information

  14. Sir, My respect on you reached/attained its after listening to that answer of yours about … 🙂 Thank you Sir.

  15. first Ice Age animated movie ! isn't it ? impossible not to love it, i keep watching it over and over every 2 years or so..because it's exactly what these guys are talking about !!

  16. Private contractors, in the USA, have way too much power… but so does our government.
    'Who will guard the guards?' ~Cicero

  17. Interesting.. Mr Dolan is correct about education.. I'd add that the same is true for politics… dig.. learn.. Know what youre voting on.. or dont vote. An uneducated vote is like shitty advice… a waste.. a miscue.. a lie…

  18. I NEVER once needed any media or government officials to substantiate anything Paul Hellier or Dr Mitchell said….why does ANYONE feel we need government to acknowledge anything in order for it yo be known as TRUTH…..

  19. Gotta love Dolan,hes speaks from the Heart and isnt fake,and for all the years Ive been studying this phenomenon hes Always been the first to admit he doesn't know something,but he WILL find out….

  20. One can never know facts from electronic means. Those who control, control what is permitted via media and the Internet. Our human rights – in our specific rural location in Australia – is terribly neglected. Whether intentional or not, one region is invisible [generally rural regions don't exist in New South Wales], and the people are totally unrepresented in our Sydney-based parliament where there is no democratic representation.

    The most humanitarian people have died – who talk about our need for face-to-face socialisation to everyone, not just those who can drive. We have 24% with disabilities, ages up to 10 years older than the state average and it's very difficult to access much of our human needs – and this is way before covid arrived. Students were told to go online before covid.

    Basically, those who can't drive were deprived of proper freedom of movement and human contact. Half of the people I see have mental illness problems but are often in control of groups. Able youth have left the region. Our transport system was sabotaged by all governments since 1990. Youth often have no concept of what proper public transport is.

    In Australia, those receiving government pensions are required to have 'voice prints' or have their voice recorded to identify them. We are requested to 'stay at home' or in our very local area. However, we need medical attention from the larger capital cities, but it's made difficult to cross the state border to our close state capital, Brisbane.

    Even before Covid, Sydney universities have their buildings locked. Staff is kept away from the general public, as well as most politicians etc. Contact must be made via email only. But email is not answered. It may even be denied or prevented to reach the intended. People involved in studies a decade ago are now uncontactable. We are extremely isolated – when we have no face-to-face contacts anymore. [Older folk will just have robots to talk to.] Thousands of parasitic employment has opened up in our area – to drive some folk around – like prison guards to a small proportion of our needs – medically, socially or recreationally.

    The railway is being ripped up – at the taxpayer's expense – for elitist cycling paths. My 'home state' did this over 50 years ago. Few can see how history repeats itself. I tell folk, we are supposed to be in 2021, but apart from smaller electronic chips, the Internet and artificial intelligence, our health is declining, and people's hands will be replaced by I-phones!

  21. Yes, "they" did the same with dietary saturated fat /cholesterol. All of a sudden eggs weren't as dangerous as "We" thought.

  22. Can someone please explain one thing about “crash retrieval’s” to me. How come aliens, with all their advanced technology, can traverse the galaxy, travel light years or pop from one dimension to another only to crash their craft on this planet? It seems no one addresses this question.

  23. wow what an amazing dude. his statement at the end really pulled me in. great interview.

  24. why are the senate inteligence committee ask for a report from government bodies. We should be summonsing these private companies

  25. It is a shame Wallis cut off Dolan at the end, he was on such a good red pill homerun.

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  27. We ar a mes Up against them we ar to close to god the pover of Fantasie??

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