3 Comments on “UFO e disclosure: Tr-3b in una foto NASA, missione Space Shuttle STS-61c”

  1. Hi UFO NEWS look at these patents if you wanna know more about this crafts. If you want i can tell you in short how they work.

    US10144532B2 – Triangle Craft using an inertial mass reduction device

    US20180229864A1 – High Frequency Gravitational Wave Generator – reduce mass of the craft

    US10135366B2 – Electromagnetic field generator – creates antigravity

    US8109471B2 – Cylinder shaped interstellar spacecraft

    US5653404A – Disc-shaped submersible aircraft

    US8752787B2 – Electrical driven flying saucer based on magnetic suspension

    US2801058A – Saucer-shaped aircraft

    US6960975B1 – Space vehicle propelled by the pressure of inflationary vacuum state

    RU2175627C2 – Flying saucer

    RU2264952C1 – Flying vehicle, type flying saucer

    RU2106287C1 – Complex technology of planetary and interplanetary navigation

    RU2090454C1 – Saucer-type flying vehicle for planetary and interplanetary navigation

    RU2137681C1 – Space vehicle Triangle

    WO2011008136A1 – Spacecraft for interplanetary and intergalactic flight

    WO2008094075A1 – Disk shaped craft
    CN102602538B – Magnetic levitation self-driven double-spiral-wing flying saucer

    CN110857151A – Anti-gravity propelling device for mercury spheres

    CN112572789A – Shuttle dart type hypersonic aircraft

    CN106005412B – Flying disk type VTOL high speed electromagnetic aircraft

    WO2018209458A1 – Tai chi flying saucer

    DE202006016942U1 – Space ship for using antimatter has an annihilation driving mechanism

    DE10234902A1 – Flying saucer for space stations and interplanetary travel

    KR20000000051A – Airplane using centrifugal force

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