UFO Evidence Gathered By Russian Hackers, UFO Sighting News.

In August of 2011 this video was emailed into me from a person in Russia. He claims that it is real and was made from photos stolen from hacked into government computers.

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25 Comments on “UFO Evidence Gathered By Russian Hackers, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. looks like a lotta effort went into this "authentic" video the music, and the perfectly timed clips were proof of that….get a life you fucking geek! stop fucking with a serious subject..

  2. ufo´s do exist
    and you can use ki to contact them ,just make sure you´re healthy and in a good mental state
    aim at he sky , and send your thoughts make sure you let them reach the end of the cosmos
    ofc you have to be me to do it or you´ll never experience an actuall ufo to pick you up i thats what you send out

  3. ufo´s are triangle shaped just like a plane , stealth bomber has resembleness to it
    but smaller
    and its cloaked instealth by heat bending the air , this is how it works
    bend air bend the visual of an object
    ufo´s can go as fast as from the clouds to you on the ground within 2 seconds , thats some distance and speed
    the plasma is clearly visible as white light as they decend
    still unknown to me is the origin of the air bending technique to cloak a ship
    , we know that warm air bends light

  4. but disapointing enough i didnt realize i could have made a diference there , yet im still here questioning my motives and rethinking the posebilities , ill replicate what i did
    and see if my hypothesis works, then im off with them wich i called some years ago
    im braver now then back then had to much doubt
    if i succeed then all you on earth can f yr selfs xD
    im of to fly an ffing space ship if they let me ^^
    that is if my body can endure the ffing forces, alien lifefowns are still unknown to me

  5. Russia has the Tesla ship too, be advised. Like since 1945 and the saucer gap. Thats why US news paper headlines in the 1940s were telling Russia the US had the Tesla ships from Germany and not to be foolish and use any free energy.

  6. This video has 3 pictures from One of my videos on it. Who ever made this compilation just scabbed photos from a Forum and other peoples stuff.
    What are the odds of finding 3 pictures from my video on this video.. and mine was in
    JUNE 2011 and he made this AUGUST 2011! How Interesting……………

  7. The music made me think the video was a joke! I half expected Rick Astley to come on and sing something to make me feel stupid… what, who, how did anyone make such terrible music? How? How is it possible!

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