UFO Expert EXPOSES Never-Before-Seen Video | The Proof Is Out There

Rich Hoffman is a UFO expert with over 50 years of experience. He recalls his experience conducting an extensive investigation into a mysterious UFO spotted in Puerto Rico, in this clip from Season 1, “Deep Sea Sounds and Phantom Ships.”


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13 Comments on “UFO Expert EXPOSES Never-Before-Seen Video | The Proof Is Out There”

  1. I live in south central Kentucky…..have seen lights on a regular basis! No blinking lights. My understanding is that anything flying over 50,000 ft. is not man made! So the sky is full of unknown objects. Just do not own any equipment to film it..

  2. Cheers and did he join to investigate the skinwalker ranch ufo as well?

  3. if you really want an expert on ufos, portals, other dimensions and other phenomena that we westerners can't explain. ask the natives of this planet. the indigenous that live since thousands of years with nature and know how to interpret it.

  4. Well, there are people out there who see these UAPs regularly. You should hook up with those people, that way you can eliminate trying to debunk third party videosđź‘ŤThere is a YouTube channel called Bruce See's all. He is currently researching and capturing real videos of these UFOs with his telescope up where he lives in Quebec, Canada, as well as our Sun, and Moon. There's alot of activity.

  5. You might be 100 strong with PhD’s and scientist and such but you might actually want to get someone like Mick West in your team, this guy is no joke and is a critical think tank all by himself. He really is the type of guy you need on that team as most scientist and pilots just want to believe yes it’s a real ufo instead of really looking for alternate theories based on data. Mick West people…

  6. Thank gawd this ol dude was there to sort out the "data" ufo or balloon. Ffs what have we come to. This asshat needs the" data "on what to wear ffs

  7. No bird or flying craft we make is capable of withstanding hitting the ocean at 100 mph and remaining functional…let alone exiting the water to fly away… the 2 separate crafts… I have no idea how or what this could possibly be.

  8. "Never before seen" . The Auguadilla footage has been in the public realm for many years.

  9. Given the object hits the water at 109 miles an hour and then comes out in two pieces would suggest that whatever it was it didn't survive the impact.

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