UFO filmed over the Houses of Parliament live on BBC news. August 18th.

Source- BBC News
Time stamp around 9:04- https://youtu.be/4rvIz5B0PxQ?list=LL

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11 Comments on “UFO filmed over the Houses of Parliament live on BBC news. August 18th.”

  1. Yo, yo Grim Reefar Look at the size of that beauty. I do like a good old British UFO sighting lol. Nuff Luv Bruv! ( 8(I)

  2. How long did it take them to make those signs? Did somebody own a sign printing shop? When you see manufactured signs, it's a manufactured narrative. I guarantee people in England don't want any more Muslims moving to their country. Fake news real UFO.

  3. most likely an out of focus plane seen as the camera was focused on the protesters, that should be your first thought, not ufo

  4. Your Reef you should send that two the news outlet that are that and pointed out and maybe it will get more press I love your channel bro it would be cool to smoke some reefer what you someday and make some music and talk about the little green dude's

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