21 Comments on “UFO Fleet Over Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Nov 25, 2020, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. I just recently seen the exact thing 2 weeks ago driving through liberty Az !! Pulled over had my son video it !

  2. I think Scott should have well over 10 million subscribers let’s get him there as he obviously goes out of his way to bring us the best on the net or for anywhere for that matter

  3. These 'ufo fleet' sightings are being captured almost every other week, yet the world's scientific community averts its gaze and says, "Nothing to see here". It's the incuriosity that gets to me. WTF!! 😳😳😳

  4. What's happening now is very important.
    Do we choose Covid Event 201 psyop biosecurity tyranny takeover, Agenda 21 "The Great Reset" or freedom.

  5. Hello Scott hope all is well my UFO friend another great video keep up the great work Scott and Happy Holidays .

  6. I carefully reviewed the footage .
    If you look carefully as I did on a large screen someone was lighting Chinese Lanterns .
    The footage is not Extraterrestrial .
    It's Chinese Lanterns .

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