UFO Fleet Over Scottsdale, Arizona on 8-4-2016, UFO Sighting News.

Eyewitness states: Three bright lights moving in formation, then one flashed and disappeared, the blue one zoomed down fast then out of site. Crazy, our jets don’t move like these.


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  1. Lovely noiseillustration… asmr for
    Ufo ET?(Someone in commenting talking about rattlesnakenoise!!! Why not let it symbolize paradise… Who where Adam, Eve, and what does the snake REALLY symbolize? How many paradises, new beginnings, have we experienced here on Earth?) This reminds me of Streetcap_1:s mesmerizing beautifully music Illustrated videos. Even the sound of silence is beautiful when it comes to this. Such beautiful filmed UFO video!!! Oh I so wish for all humans living today experiencing real UFO-contacts, it expands the human experience being alive. We are so surrounded by knowledge, yet captivated by assumptions and doubt. 🌼 Be well, M

  2. 3:32 this cloud looks like a man staring to his right…if you see him tell me he's standing or laying
    Hint. Lights are on his head,

  3. I was impressed at first. It was when it flew off I became a little suspicious. Under the lights there is a straight horizontal line which looks like the video has been tampered with. Looks like top and bottom has been stitched together. More noticeable in zoomed in shot.

  4. This one is FAKE! You can tell by the cloud movement and the way she anticipated the so-called craft was going to shoot off because she pulled her camera over by the craft to allow time for the camera to capture it leaving.

  5. I doubt that it's cgi, there's definitely an increase in noise level, just as one of the objects brightens to red. It looks like they're refueling, obviously engaging in some sort of communication, before hyper-dimensionally transporting from their rendezvous points. Hell – what I'd give to be a fly on that wall.

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