UFO Flying Past Shuttle Discovery STS 39 Mission, 1991, UFO Sighting News.

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Source: https://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/SearchPhotos/photo.pl?mission=STS039&roll=75&frame=17


17 Comments on “UFO Flying Past Shuttle Discovery STS 39 Mission, 1991, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. That looks like the same craft that Florida Marquis and Hypnotech found parked beside of a tower on a mountain in Antarctica. This looks like it is flying away from you. Here is the link to go look at the front and side. https://youtu.be/41A9Q-vhtbM

  2. I like your thought process. it does inspire the imagination and could easily be dismissed as a TR3B , but it just doesn't fit in for me ☘

  3. That , to me , is a craft or UFO! A fleet of UFOs was filmed going by the ISS and some are red!! Lots of them though going slow! That could be one of them!! Thanks Scott for sharing some truth💯👍👍👀☝

  4. You definitely got some good eye Scott this particular craft reminds me of the other one that was pink .I have seen red Pink green blue yellow neon blue , multiple color one . Hey that ship with the far out shape you showed us a few months ago world wide telescope. these days I can believe everything cuz they're real there their and they're not ours think they're not hey Scott how can I send some pictures to you how can I.

  5. So long my holliday from ETdatabase…🌞Object very blowflylike…me being a horse person unconsiously registrating everything that threatens the ones I love. In Nature the colour red is a warningsighn. Why not so in space? Even the triangleshape. Colours and shapes and intentions. Other civilizations. Maybe ships of sounds… a song for every created being. Like the Samipeople create(d) a piece of music captivating a certain moment in life. Birth, celebrations, emotions and special events, a stranger bringing news from another part of the land… I am sure there are jojks made to remember contact with ETs. Maybe about a ship like this one.
    In someway, somewhere. Thank You🌼M

  6. It could be perhaps a Bio-Mechanical space being, that I always thought would exist out there also, just like say a Sting Ray ocean mammal does on this world's oceans Uc. Now everyone just notice the two eye pods on the stern section of the Bio-Cosmic Craft, & I'm wondering it's size in overall dimensions.

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