UFO: Flying Rod, During RT France News Segment

Credit RT: https://youtu.be/Fi-sJUWUgJo

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28 Comments on “UFO: Flying Rod, During RT France News Segment”

  1. Great images of this flying rod Eric!!
    Thanks for sharing!!! 👏👏👏
    I don't know if the Flying Rods are animals or machines, cause there are many small of them next to the caves around world.

  2. Flying Rod | Alien Species. Flying rods phenomenon skyfish rod paranormal ASSAP. Flying Rods – Paranormal Phenomena. The Flying Rods phenomenon.

  3. Super your videos!I also once in my life was able to record this rod ! my video is called ; "Flying sticks caught on surveillance camera.??? " Honestly, I just don't know if I really managed to shoot something really?

  4. I always look for rods in videos and they are everywhere!!! Best time is videos at night with lights on and infered videos.

  5. I don't think there is any living thing in them,
    it's more of a surveillance
    They're surveying the land and the environment before they make their entrance to this world.〰🔘🌏🌍🌎👀👽

  6. the same UFO has in the video where the mig 29 falls on the aeroshow…it looks like some projectile. has a video where the drone filmed the same UFO, very strange

  7. I thought rods were discovered to be insects flying around and the framerate makes them look elongated. I'd like to see an area that has rods, but filmed at 240fps or higher.

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