Ufo Footage Volume 7 News Report Special

My 80th and latest ufo footage video. Not done one of these for a while. I got enough material for another of these so it depends on views :). Please feel free to share this video or any others thanks Website : http://www.thewonderfulworldofweirdness.com/


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  1. ppl laugh at this but its the truth they do exist i have been in a few countries and its all the same..activity is there for sure i have seen it so the question is who owns this tech is it ours or theirs and yeah its not a fuckin drone that we know…it is not a fucking plane or helo….i do own a few pictures that actually are showing a flying saucer so..yeah they are here alright…btw nice vid

  2. I once also observed up in the sky (it was at breaking dawn) a light that wouldn't move. I could tell it was no star, it was something within our atmosphere, but it couldn't be a plane because it was perfectly still. Then, without warning, it just took off at an amazing speed, covering the stretch of the horizon from one end to the other and vanishing from sight.
    To this day i don't know what it was, but it's consistent with MANY same reports. So, even if they are not "visitors from Space", we are still getting (some) phenomenon. I observed it myself.

  3. …I'll say again here for the thousandth time, ( I've said this on many ago videos) once again we see and hear, “3 white lights/spheres/balls hovering in the sky and in triangle formation.“ I've personally seen many-a-time too. Watch out for future reports and remember what I said here.

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