****Ufo Hovering At Olympic Park Firework Display! On news! 2012 ****

Original Vid! perfect view of the saucer! as fireworks was on display.. Any1 else spot this? Please like vidz!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Qy6AJ6vZ64&feature=relmfu 2 OLYMPIC UFO’S!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8d51NFbyHLo UFO 360 TURNS OLYMPIC PARK

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUjz2umkklE&feature=related HELICOPTER VS UFO AT OLYMPICS DAY TIME!!


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  1. Wake up people this Fake alien invasion is meant to make you believe in aliens so you accept the new word order and bow down to their new world religion if there is any real alien appearance at the Olympics it is fake no matter how real it looks don't believe it you will regret it

  2. don't you people think (skeptics to be exact) that a massive flammable object flying around in the sky when fireworks are being let off, that said object could possibly catch on fire if it were to come into contact with a firework nobody would want to risk that unless they had a death wish, and also if you haven't heard the airways have been shut off for the duration of the Olympic games which means no aircraft is allowed to fly anywhere near the stadium which includes obviously blimps

  3. UFO! Satan is gna mindfuck! these poor souls so hard! they gna feel it in ther next incarnation! SEE THE LIGHT! BE THE LIGHT!

  4. I live near the park, it was the airship that's been flying over London during the last few weeks. It's still flying around today.

  5. Yea because it would be a great idea to drive a balloon that near to fireworks, you just another person that doesnt beleive and one of the 1st to conform to the new world order, your a puppet.

  6. Man, I believed it was a ufo until I saw another video from another angle the olympics open, I'D REALLY LIKE TO BE A UFO!! but is not, and I will show the video that can prove it.

  7. And I guess if it was an UFO or not, there is no difference. I believe in extra terrestrial life and so on…But more of this "shows" aren't able to convince people about their existence, so I think an undeniable event could happen. You may have heard about today (saturday) as the "official et disclosure". I'm waiting for something to take place at the olympics. I want to believe all this stuff is real, but I don't wanna be disappointed. I think you understand me.

  8. did anyone else see the small flashing ligths right at the back,,and it wasnt fireworks,it was behind the fireworks way back,strange.cant say yes or no to this one .I guess we have to wait for the people that are at the games to upload there footage when they get home.there has to be clearer footage out there.

  9. Listen guys, I do believe in these things, but as a London resident I can tell you what that thing in the sky was: It is a surveillance zeppeling that has been hovering over the skies of London for weeks now, since before the beginning of the olympics. It has nothing to do with UFO. Anyone who lives in London can confirm this therefore do not get too excited. It is just a zeppeling.

  10. well to explain this, you'd have to do an experiment yourself, buy yourself a 200-500 camera, film a bird flying miles away, then play it, when you zoom in you'll notice its not a dam telescope, its video zoom, it magnifies pixels at a certain point so you get only pixels. Hope that explains it.

  11. Hi there,

    I have also witnessed the UFO, and had actually uploaded one of the scenes (during the parade; featuring GB), but it was censored due to "alleged copyright infringements; one from the International Olympic Committee"!

    Obviously some people out there don't want us to know the truth… 😉

    If anyone knows how to feature this, all ideas are welcome! 🙂


  12. they was getting the best view from up there lol… they seem peaceful though (those ones anyway!) otherwise they'd be frying everyone up with a lazor beam lol

  13. yeh there was loads in the background which i spotted but didn't want to edit the video with annotations.. check my proof videos in the description bar ^^^ for more footage!

  14. Yea! according to Benjamin Creme Editor of share international magazine, the so called blimp was a UFO, see more on these signs on YT 'The Star Sign' very amazing.

  15. To be honest things that can hover like that have been around since WW2. Why everyone seems so quick to jump on the alien bandwagon is amusing 🙂 the harrier jet gives you a nice easy example, now make it round and suddenly its aliens! 😉

  16. why do people find it hard to come to the terms that the universe is teaming with life,, if the universe is repeating everything like planets stars other iniverses and galaxies,,, at a rate of infinity,, then why do we find it hard to think that life aint repeating itself at a rate of infinity??  those who don't believe, wow  you must be so remarkable thinking theres no other life out there just because the corrupt government tell you otherwise
    wake up

  17. If that's a blimp, it's the first one I've ever seen with what looks like a dome on top of a disc. There appears to be light moving around the disc part. I'm not sure if that atmospheric plasma glowing near the disc due to the propulsion equipment built into the hull or if it's the fireworks reflecting off of the metal of the disc. Certainly an interesting video. If it was a blimp, then that should be something that could be determined by contacting the company that operates such blimps. Did anybody do that?

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