UFO Hunters: Underwater Alien Bases Located (S3, E4) | Full Episode | History

Join Lawrence Fishburne as he uncovers the truth behind the strangest mysteries of all time in History’s Greatest Mysteries: Solved – https://histv.co/HGMS

On November 11th 1987, the small town of Gulf Breeze, Florida is inundated with UFO sightings. More than 200 witnesses see strange, unexplained lights in the sky. Find out more in Season 3, Episode 4, “Underwater Alien Bases.” #UFOHunters

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UFO HUNTERS follows the team of Bill Birnes, Kevin Cook and Pat Uskert, as they investigate UFO cases around the world. The team’s access to UFO evidence is unparalleled—and their expertise allows them to quickly identify bogus claims of UFOs. Together, they use eyewitness accounts, scientific experimentation, documents recently released through the Freedom of Information Act and footage that has never been seen on television to piece together compelling—and sometimes chilling—evidence of UFO phenomena.

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23 Comments on “UFO Hunters: Underwater Alien Bases Located (S3, E4) | Full Episode | History”

  1. Too many similarities to today’s navy sightings. This is real something real at least we’ve seen proof.

  2. I took a lot of videos of ufos off the coast of California only for the gov to tell me they were something else. I was like- sooo, the spinning disc that everyone saw that disappeared and came back was the sun shining on a plane??? Or the lights going every direction at night then going into the water is starlings? But they’re doing turns that’s physically impossible for lights to do

  3. I I'm Cuban born, but sense the 60 I never gone to Cuba, but I have someone that I love and trust, and he was in the us navy , in Guantanamo
    And he said to me that there are Natural caves in Guantanamo base underground the water.

  4. Ok military has now released a video of one of the UFO’s submerging into the ocean. So its documented by the US Navy.

  5. You absolutely have a much better chance of getting hit by lightening in Florida then being bitten by a shark.

  6. ok this is a cool video but the part with the testing the metal saucer in the water is so stupid lol

  7. Our own government and the elites in the world and we could scientists have been creating and have advanced technology that they've been using and sucking our money out of us to do it and deceiving us all at the same time. And you ask yourself why because it will be the Satan's greatest last deception upon God's children in the whole world to make them think that there is no God Almighty in heaven and no Lord Jesus Christ our Savior to try to make us think that his word is not the truth This is why they've done this and this is why now they're starting to come out and start disclosing this UFO stuff so they can tear down and destroy our beliefs in God just like they've already created a virus or a vaccine They call it the God enzyme or something like that They think that they can figure out a way to separate us in our minds and our spirits for the Lord God's spirits but they will not succeed and we will not be deceived by their hoaxes to mankind. Do not be deceived They created these flying objects and many other things to include abominations of creation to make us think that they are aliens from other planets. People need to read their Bibles and study the word of God so they can stand up against this evil in these demons with the word of God that will slay them all and stop them dead in their tracks Hallelujah God wins Read your Bibles Satan knows his end to.

  8. They have been living in and mining the seafloor for a very very long time Just hop on Google earth and you’ll see tracks all over the sea floor everywhere some of them 5 miles wide and hundreds of miles long perfect lines

  9. They seem short of material, the interviewee says his bit then the host comes on screen and basically repeats everything he said.

  10. This show is reaching. None of the information seems creditable. And they speculate a lot, not really proving facts based on data. Just based on speculation.

    Still fun to watch. Interesting stories. I do believe in aliens. Believing in UFOs is not hard. Because all that means is that there is an object that cannot be identified. Doesn't mean it is made by aliens. Still, I believe in aliens.

  11. There is no way to confirm the validity because it's not valid. Wow no permission from Cuba? Man. Now we can't prove it. Lol. R.I.P Art Bell. He would be all over this stuff. Lol.

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