UFO In Oregon News August 2008

UFO caught on Tape in Oregon August 2008.

Many eye witnesses reported seeing a UFO in Oregon skies. One eye witness grabbed a camera to record the unknown object. The object was reported to change directions before disappearing.

The 45 minute video of the UFO showed a shiny unidentified metallic object changing directions before disappearing.

Officials at an observatory don’t know what to make of the UFO, stating that.



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  1. Couldn't have been Venus since it is rising in the evening. Main Stream Media (MSM) are controlled/owned by N.W.O., the Illuminati. They are told to show these things on the news and then make light of or fun of it. Good vid of a ufo! And yes, UFOs do exist. Check out my channel.

  2. oh yeah lady.. it looks like swamp gas too!
    Amazing how many weather balloons there are floating around. Its amazing more jets aren't downed by them eh?

  3. can't belive how stupid that news lady is… if ''a week later'' they tell her it was a flying frog she would belive it to

  4. Weather balloons do NOT reflect Sunlight with such a high albedo that could only be some kind of metalic surface!

  5. lol true dat, the government just needs to come out with the truth already, cause they're going to run out of excuses eventually lol….

  6. One has to have a feel for UFO's. You need to see one in binoculars or a zoom of a video camera. Then you can see it is something stange and second hand from this video. This is no balloon. Small balloons are oval and weather ballloons are round but both don't have these wierd black extensions.

  7. of course they say that is weather baloon…coz they dont wanna upset people…WELL NOT EVERYONE OF US ARE SO STUPID THAT WILL BELIVE IN THEIR STORYES

  8. An insult to our intelligence how they try to "debunk" this, in just under 40 seconds. Three times they try to downplay the fact that it's even a UFO. Always trying to influence and sway their audience.

    "Kind of looks like a weather balloon"

    Right, because you're an expert on the subject lady? Who am I going to trust, some media puppets, or officials at an observatory who claim they didn't know what to make of it?

    Surely an observatory could confirm if it's a balloon within minutes.

  9. Yep. News Lady nailed it. Foil mylar balloon. Not everything roughly round and shiny in the sky is a UFO. This thing is obviously being buffeted by the wind too. Physically moves just like a lighter than air balloon would move too. I'm 97% sure that UFOs exist but this aint one of 'em! Much better evidence out there folks. Has anyone noticed the increase of balloon sightings? Seems to be the latest trend for UFO hoaxers. Patterns people! Note the patterns! College prank or sumpthin… too easy.

  10. weather balloon? it may not be an "alien ship" but come on man. a fucking weather balloon? see generic news puppet answer.

  11. "90% of the time" that mean 10% are UFOs. and maybe .001% of ufos are strictly classified.

  12. They ran out of excuses, and refuse to disclose. The truth is that the Government can't allow disclosure because of all Evil alliances and obscene profits that have been made due to alien trade as well as backwards engineering of US patented technology. Full disclosure will never happen, partial disclosure will lead to full disclosure so no disclosure till we go to war over it. It wont be long before some nation claims that the UFO's belong to them and that submission is eminent.

  13. Two months ago while I walked outside of work to my car during the day I happened to notice a bright star, I kept an eye on it and sure enough it moved and then went faded. I was in Medford Oregon

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