UFO Investigation: White House will release report on mystery craft next month

Leaked footage of several encounters in the sky have led the US government to launch an investigation into what exactly UFOs, or Unidentified Flying Objects, are doing in our skies. Ken Kramer, a scientist and space journalist, explains

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37 Comments on “UFO Investigation: White House will release report on mystery craft next month”

  1. Lol ancient people from all over the world talk about the gods coming down to earth…. God's/angels = aliens

  2. Yes it does'nt mean it's Alien , but also it does'nt mean it's not. Time will tell 👽👽👽

  3. This guy probably thinks the government is gonna keep paying him to say this. Brought you to by Carls jr.

  4. How this so called "Russian, china" technology been around for hundreds of years then please do tell me….

  5. as joe rogan says, the aliens would probably treat us like a uncontacted tribe and watch from a distance

  6. He is not very well informed about the capabilities of these objects 🙄 but she argues very well 💖

  7. Oh, there's plenty of evidence, you just don't want to look at it. These type of people will never accept anything that goes beyond their so called "scientific" standards. This is intellectual shortsightedness!

  8. I thought they were mandated to have it released in June?

    They are setting up something that will be a “ national security threat “ and they need funding and excuses for more wars. I fully expect a false flag attack somewhere along the line.

    And this guy saying no proof of aliens. Is he crazy? If it’s not alien tech it’s from alien tech. Same difference.

  9. it is not about "believing", but about knowing reliable information from physical evidence and testimonies about AIRCRAFT that challenge our fledgling technology. If it is not terrestrial, it is obvious that it is from another civilization that is more technologically advanced and obviously spiritual or else we would already be invaded.

  10. I only hope Mr Kramer wears a small shoe size, because soon it's going to be the proverbial foot in the mouth time.

  11. We should have investigated it. How the heck could we not know what this when some of these thing have been reported for many, many years. Especially with all the TAX DOLLARS we dump into defense?

  12. So if we were to discover aliens on another planet would we just go down and walk with them even with the risk of virus we don't know. or how to defend against or know their way of communication? would we go down to there planet and risk getting blown up or attacked because they don't understand we are not a threat? his logic is narrow minded and stuck in his ways he cant see past his own mindset to believe there are other possibilities in the universe. this is a big place we live in. possibilities are endless.


  14. Why are news stations interviewing people that have done little to no research on the topic? Buddy says there's no evidence meanwhile there's boatloads of it

  15. What an idiot. Says he doesn't believe in UFO:s and they say that they are unidentified. so what does he think UFO means? He contradicted himself on so many levels. Why did you even interview him? 😒

  16. He says video quality is bad, yet that’s the video we use to detect other countries threats.

  17. Who has said it's alien. We're no one. So creep back into your lab and play with your test tubes

  18. I can’t wait till the day when all these “Scientist” have to admit they were all wrong on this, and that aliens have been visiting the earth for thousands of years

  19. Religious people believe the bible without a shred of evidence!! And in it we find evidence of extraterrestrials in plain sight!! Also we get proof in it's texts. ..let us make man in our own image and likeness,….and behold man has become LIKE one of US!! I mean come on debunk the Bible buddy your evidence is right there!! And then again that is precisely the reason why we will not get an answer from our government,it is not because we are not ready,but because they know religions will fall!!

  20. what a bloody idiot this guy!!! he just should shut up is mouth and don't ridiculously make a foul of himself…none has the tech shown on those videos,600 g–forces in middle flight no human being could survive that supersonic speeds without a sound u name it!!!! billions of stars with their planets and life is only in this planet!!!! what a stupid guy…get this stupid head out of YouTube immediately…what a shame!!!

  21. I personally I'm ready for religions to go away!!! It's time man learn to depend on himself and not some supernatural being who apparently doesn't give a hoot about us!!!😂

  22. This guy is a joke. Wake up sir, other entities have been here for thousands of years. They are here now, they walk amongst us, and the government is fully aware that they are here. There are secret space programs and technologies that the government doesn’t want us to know about. Did we go to the moon? Yes we did, but for different reasons than what you may think. The problem is, these other entities are so far advanced they are waiting for us to catch up. I have a hard time believing this guy thinks were the only ones in the universe. The universe is billions and billions of Years old and to think we’re the only ones, is ridiculous. The government and others talk about these UAP‘s as a threat, but if they were, we would’ve been done along time ago. They are here observing us and are afraid of what we might do to our civilization. Wake up people, and take care of our planet!

  23. If China or Russia had it then they have had it for the last 70 years. Give that some thought.

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