UFO Leaving Earths Atmosphere Near Shuttle, UFO Sighting News.

Source: https://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/SearchPhotos/photo.pl?mission=STS104&roll=719&frame=55


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  2. It looks a lot like the craft that flew past the Space X resupply capsule. That what you are suggesting of a vapor trail, I think is a reflection on its starboard wing. Compare the overall color of the craft to the Space X encounter.
    It looks like its flying almost directly towards the shuttle.

  3. Is look like Human ship called USSS Hillenkoetter their have 60-70% human inside and Extra-terrestrials

  4. Looks interesting. Probably it's just swamp gas leaving the atmosphere, but if caught in the right light it looks solid. Nice catch!

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  6. It is by the speed and the 'heaviness' in the motion by the object that tells if it is manmade or not. There is such a difference in appearence that You just know while experiencing. You just do. I have seen satelites, airplanes, helicopters,, rockets, airforcecrafts, Ufos in different shapes… and how do I know the difference between ET and manmade? It mostly has to do with the tension, the unmistakable precense of another element added to the experience itself AND the speed that tells. Like the difference in experiencing wild and tame animals. There is such a difference, for ten years I lived close to nature, forced to experience the elements and the seasons deep into the core of my being, sometimes so close and deep that I feared for my life, such coldness, such helplessness when it came to personal protection against storms, coldness, snow deep and waters falling and falling. Those years I learned to know the difference in the radiance of wild and tame animals, and that it is possible to use while comparing ET and manmade vehicles, or crafts, objects. . Even the most advanced aircraft sent by nasa is lacking that strong dynamic, the precense of time and spacelessness, (when the object is becoming' larger than life', this traits telling its origin) . It is beautiful and sometimes a little scary, like when experiencing wild animals… wolfs, bears, badgers, elks… there is always a tension in the air those moments. A mesmerizing magnetism that captivates. One could even call it the 'beauty of the unexpected' . Thank You for letting me tell. Love🌼 Maria in Sweden🌼

  7. This was proven to be a space blanket that came flying out of the shuttle during the assembly of the ISS. The ISS was assembled at the time this photo and many others were made. They lost a good amount of tools and items including a camera and notebooks during the creation. This item and most of the others burned right back up upon re-entry. Im still waiting to see this nutjob object and lok through a telescope each night and have it automatically looking and nothing. I do see shooting stars and what look like Deep space crafts but no UFO. At most sats and the ISS.

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