UFO lights in formation over Austin, TX YESTERDAY | 3 DIFFERENT ANGLES!

Read full witness report at our Latest UFO Sightings website: https://www.latest-ufo-sightings.net/2021/10/ufo-lights-in-formation-over-austin-county-texas-yesterday.html


Location: Austin County, Texas
Date of the sighting: 6th October 2021


6 Comments on “UFO lights in formation over Austin, TX YESTERDAY | 3 DIFFERENT ANGLES!”

  1. Doesn't china use a lot of light drones for celebrations and whatnot? Isn't there some china fishing boats causing a stir for south american coasts? Like… for reals. This sort of display seems like its man made to me. Meant to intimidate. Mimic the real luminaries. China wants the wheel of power.

  2. pretty odd how everyone's 4k capable phones in the year 2021 always end up recording in 640 rez like a camcorder from 1986 when filming ufo's……

  3. Not a big fan of low res images of lights in the night sky here but, hm, this is a bit different. That's a bit unusual and seemingly pretty tight formation, doesn't appear to be a bunch of lights on a single object. That it appears to be a vertical formation at points in the video is very unusual; planes flying in formation usually assume a horizontal arrangement. There's no sound with these vids but eye witness account from the 'latest ufo sightings' web site says 'they were loud', though they don't describe any sound, loud like what? a jet? The report also says there were multiple witnesses from as much as 30 miles apart, which would make for some pretty impressive drone performance. So, what? Paper lanterns tied together in hurricane-force winds? No matter that that doesn't cover the elongated bright light/dim light forms.

  4. Nowadays, drones with lights can be programmed to fly in sormation such as this. Very likely drones. Very unlikely aliens.

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