UFO Makes Trail, Dover, Delaware, Sept 10, 2021, UFO Sighting News.

Eyewitness states: It was around 7:15 pm when my wife and I started to take a walk in our neighborhood. The sun was setting in the west with pink clouds in the distance. There was still blue sky left. That’s when I noticed what looked like a dark pink cloud by itself and out of place. I stopped to look at it and asked my wife if she saw it moving. She said yes. Then the cloud started to move slowly towards us and with a tail like a comet. Then it seem to turn away from us with 2 tails. It finally went from reddish to black then went into cloud cover and it was gone.


9 Comments on “UFO Makes Trail, Dover, Delaware, Sept 10, 2021, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. These started showing up lately. The first ones look like octopus. I thought they were kites, but they don't move like them.. Who captured this one?

  2. You must slow this video down to 25%! There are several ufos checking this red thing out! I went frame by frame, its really interesting, Scott

  3. I have a strange impression Scott, is that this just might be some kind of "Cosmic Bio Intelligent Lifeform" aka a "Sentient Space Being" of many diff kinds. Uc they might be attracted to worlds with atmospheric pressures with large deep water masses to fly around, swim & live under if need be. Another impression i have Scott is that it or they might have been transported to this region of the solar sys for some strange & as of yet unknown reason, however i also feel, that they cant travel very long cosmic space distances by themselves without some physical existance issue. Uc the way things are going on this changing planet nowadays, we ain't seen nothing yet pal.

  4. That's horrifying. And real. Is there a crew inside or is the UFO a biological entity itself. Or.. are there aliens inside of this biological craft. You know when you see the seeker drone zipping around the main craft like the one is here.. it's not ours.

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