6 Comments on “UFO MAN Channel Video Review/Breaking UFO News/Pascagoula UFO Abduction/Minnesota UFO Encounter”

  1. The bit about aliens being friend or foe.. I don't think it's a black and white issue. There are good humans and bad humans, so there's certainly going to be good and bad aliens. The ones who invade people's homes, and take them against their will are most definitely bad. Trespass, mind manipulation, kidnapping and bodily invasiveness are IMMORAL behaviours. That's a conscious choice being made. You have to have no conscience and no understanding of Natural Law (the moral laws that govern the consequences of behaviour of all beings anywhere in the universe). Or they do understand, and take wrong action, anyway, like government does because we end up mindlessly consenting to it. In fact, these are the ones who are most likely in league with government. In Gnostic tradition, they would be called the Archons. Look into that. To have no emotional brain, therefore no conscience, makes you a psychopath, so it makes sense that space psychopaths are going to work with Earth psychopaths.

    Then you have the ones like Travis Walton encountered. Their ship caused harm since he was too close during their takeoff, picked him up to heal him, and dropped him back off. That's his account of what happened. These were the human-looking ones in blue jumpsuits.

    Steven Greer wants to believe they are ALL good, but he's turned himself into some New Age guru. He may be right about some things, but he's not very realistic.

  2. The person who tweeted "our morals are 300 years old." Moral relativism, perhaps, but Morality is objective. Morality is absolute. An evolved species would understand this Truth. Morality isn't something we come up with ourselves, it's a Law of the Universe given to us by the Creator. So, any being capable of intelligence and is far advanced than us should know this and abide by it. Those beings who express immoral behaviour are the psychopaths of space.

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