5 Comments on “UFO near San Diego – El Cajon, California – CBS News”

  1. been seeing this same ufo's in San Diego PB area…saw one tonight. on my video that I shot if i enlarge the picture up many times, you can see little tiny blue lights circling the orange ball. the blue lights outline a classic saucer shape craft.

  2. I know what that is, I use to make'em. Its a dry cleaner bag with 4straws. you SEAL the top of the dry cleaner bag (where the hanger pokes through) then you stick one straw into and scotch tape them into a cross. then use a nail clipper & cut 3 holes in each straw (total12) so birthday candles fit the holes facing up. open the bag & tape the candles to the bag 4sides so the bag opens. have someone hold it from the top of the bag and light the candles. its a "hot air balloon" I use to make'em in the 80's I fooled everyone!!!

  3. the other…..that was part of my first comment…… also. I use to make those in the 80's hahahahahahahaha I fooled everyone… the wax from the candles looks prettycool when it drips down…. I use to live across the street from a school so I did it in a big wide open field… ; )

  4. Yeah, I remember seeing a single colored object in Rancho San Diego move side to side randomly like it had a mind of it's own until finally descended downwards until completely engulfed by the horizon. I was in awe as I never seen anything like it,

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