UFO Near Volcano Eruption Caught on Tape [Live TV]

A UFO near volcano eruption caught on tape in La Palma, Canary Island. Lions Ground investigates the story. Several online users see a brightly lit object showing interest in the volcano eruption.

On September 19, the breaking news about a volcano eruption on the Spanish island of La Palma, Canary Island. There is a lot of news coverage of which spectacular images are caught on tape.

On live television broadcast of Television Canaria of September 29 about the volcano eruption in La Palma, some people saw an unidentified flying object. They caught this on tape.

A brightly lit UFO shows tremendous interest in the volcano eruption. The UAP flies very close to the hot lava.

Lions Ground has a strong suspicion what has been caught on tape and why it is very interested in the volcano eruption.

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8 Comments on “UFO Near Volcano Eruption Caught on Tape [Live TV]”

  1. First I would give anything to pilot a ufo again. That was the best time I had in my life!

  2. Unusual…. usual….. usual….. I floated away into the aether at this point. Aliens live in Volcanoes dontcha know 🌋

  3. Oh its just the alien drone getting some sick 8k footage of that lava in action, no big deal.

  4. Well….. not ball lightning not this time. With a camera shutter speed and eye being so small it means this object had to be quite as bright as lava . Great video review

  5. We got crazy objects flying…rods zipping through sky…things coming out of ocean…Great Catch Again!

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