Ufo New sightings in Latin America- USA -Asia |Alien sighting around the world #32

Ufo New sightings in Latin America- USA -Asia |Alien sighting around the world #32

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47 Comments on “Ufo New sightings in Latin America- USA -Asia |Alien sighting around the world #32”

  1. I like it the closer they get to the ship, the more the camera shakes!. and the next group stop refocusing the damn camera!.

  2. 7:49 that's got too be fake…. You gonna tell me people are more fixated on tiktok and this is happening in the sky??? Something fishy isn't being told


  4. Wow that is some of the most compelling footage. So much of that is clearly legitimate – I'm a 3d artist and capable with after effects etc and this stuff is not cgi.

  5. Good real sightings! But why was the boat driving AWAY from the UFO’s? They could’ve got the best footage in history!

  6. I think some of them are fake, I'll guess 50%. Phone cameras are good nowdays. Why we have such a poor quality in daylight ?!

  7. what ones are here to crush corruption and what are here to keep it going (evil,not evil) free us of nuclear energy?

  8. i don,t know if anyone noticed but at 1.57 sec into this video i saw something flash by so i went frame by frame and there was unmistakablly a ufo check it out it,s very fast so go slow and it super close

  9. Strangely here in Melbourne Australia in a beach side suburb of Seaford, my brother and i noticed several objects hovering in out clear night sky! There was no panic as we are not UFO nuts or anything but firmly believe they are visiting or more then likely have been here a long time. I personally believe they themselves have decided its time for the citizens of this planet to know. I really don't think the bulk of humanity will be shocked.. maybe the people that have their foot on our throats through power and religion might, but not the rest which is the bulk. Maybe they can save us from ourselves.

  10. We are watching Mars and Venus and Jupiter and so on, it’s only fair to assume someone may be also watching us, imagine their excite,ent to find life outside of their solar system, we will probably not be far behind!

  11. To see something clearly as a UFO large and in charge for so long and in the day . where is the air force? why do people see these things for so long with no military showing up in the footage ??

  12. 2021 and the only people recoding still don’t know to turn their cameras sideways to record videos or even how to get a subject in focus! Not even the slightest attempt to hold steady either.

  13. Many old footages from more than a decade ago, most have been confirmed as "cgi" but there're a couple that are really good and seem to be legit.

  14. Many of that are well described in the Bibble too and it is not good what happens with that stuff they in the Bibble…

  15. At 3:00 – thats a beautiful drone swarm. It's incredible what these swarms can look like – could fool anyone. It's really great public art. Now some of the other ones…..whether CGI or not are intriguing.

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