Ufo New sightings in Latin America- USA -Russia|Alien sighting around the world #31

Ufo New sightings in Latin America- USA-Russia| Alien sighting around the world #31

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41 Comments on “Ufo New sightings in Latin America- USA -Russia|Alien sighting around the world #31”

  1. So, it seems we are finally to the point that direct contact with more advanced beings, either extraterrestrial or inter dimensional, is imminent. That ought to shake things up a bit.

  2. We see UFOs all the time here in Texas. It makes me wonder: WHEN THE HELL ARE THEY GOING TO LAND, INTRODUCE THEMSELVES, & BREAK-BREAD WITH US TO CONVERSATE US instead of always flying around in the skies.

  3. 90% of the orbs pics are lights on the end of giant triangles UFO… But all of these are the same craft since the biblical pics so I ask how could these crafts be Gov….

  4. All this idiots have the chance of life time, and they can’t figure out is no an airplane. Unless you’re blind or stupid to recognize is something from other planets. What a bunch of miraba.

  5. Most of the ufo videos shown here don't have that cgi feel to them. The one in 3.17 is a multiple witness case. That 3.17 ufo didnt zoom off into outer space. It simply disappeared into thin air – suggesting some type of interdimensional phenomenon.

  6. I hate people who try to film free hand!, it just takes a second to find some thing to steady your hand with like a fence of a tree limb!.

  7. In meantime US Space Force is firmly tied to office desk, or are they hiding in plain sight for everyone to see them. See orbs and UFO”s longer enough you become desensitised before big reveal.

  8. How do people have better footage than the government? If any of this was real, it would be world news and the DOD or CIA would have you Epsteined by a Clinton hit man.

  9. People are in such a hurry they can't stop their car for a minute to catch the most amazing thing anyone has ever seen? Just keep driving, no time to pull over!

  10. At 3:06, my wife, her aunt, and myself, all saw the exact same thing while we were driving to Stillwater, Oklahoma. They were on the horizon about 5-6pm and I noticed something somewhat illuminated over the fields in the sky and as we continued driving, getting past fields and trees, I saw 5 of those glowing disks, for lack of precise term. In comparison, they had to have been huge because I thought they were strange-looking for some clouds on a particularly cloudless day and evening and not that I could tell from so far away, it appeared that the disks were just stationary. But as we turned toward the city, they seemed to slowly ascend upwards and we lost sight of them. Dont know what we saw, but that's exactly what we saw at that timestamp and it was weird.

  11. The amount of planets out there are just staggering, dont think theres a number that goes that high, earth is approx. 14 billion years old, earth is approx. 4 billion, so theres planets that been around 9 billion years ahead of us & our technology is only 100 years old, so theres plenty of different advanced life forms that are space traveling, also we share the planet with some advanced beings, Ad. Byrd in the 40's came across them in his expedition to the S.Pole

  12. they could just be looking to make a bid on our planet till they see what a shit hole we turned it into and are too scared of catching something off us to land and say hello.

  13. We’ve only been space capable for 50 or so years and we are flying a helicopter on Mars, surely it’s plausible that even slightly more advanced civilisations have already mastered sending probes to nearly exoplanets.

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