Ufo New sightings in USA – Latin America- UK| Alien sighting around the world #30

Ufo New sightings in USA – Latin America- UK| Alien sighting around the world #30

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  1. If I may… I wish to quote the late great Mr. Spock “ fascinating”thanks for posting!!!🪐🛸👨‍🚀👽

  2. The real problem with amateur film is the people don't know how to keep something in frame or how to hold a camera steady, that why there are allot of fakes. US film is much better than Latin America because of basic education, just basic understanding how to work a camera!

  3. Disclosure in 2 to 10 years!!! MARK MY WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You know…if it really is Gravity based propulsion, it stands to reason, that a device that effects gravity can cause Light to bend around it, effectively cloaking the object too… Two For One technology right there…

  5. Interesting photo of AF One for thumbnail .
    A F One
    Air Force One POTUS
    Out of focus bug pretending to be a Rod
    Not a Rocket launch , No proceeding contrail from the ground .
    Classification HIIK .
    Paraphrase a line from a movie
    " That's NOT a Moon "
    Unless someone did a frame crop then sped up the movement of the Moon . There's no way in hell that something that big and only one person records it .

  6. A few of these are the real deal…They are coming soon.They are fed up and they are going to straighten a lot of this bullcrap out.

  7. People People (all human beings) the bickering between political parties and nations must take a back seat to what lays before us. The biggest story in human history is upon us, Extraterrestrials are real and we as a people on this planet need to start thinking about where we go from here and our petty BS needs to stop.

    The Mainstream Media and Academia need to wake up and get a backbone, do some real/actual investigations instead of following the Governments "we don't know" propaganda, they have been studying UFO/UAP's for 70+ years. We must determine what is next If our government lies to us again, we will need to demand investigations and demand charges be filed against those people and/or corporations that are hiding the truth. Crimes against humanity need to be filed. This includes the stuff their hiding on the Moon and Mars.

    Most people in the U.S. know the Government is lying about Aliens and artifacts found on the Moon and Mars, most people know extraterrestrials are real, some people believe the US Government has open dialogue with these beings. The problem is today, this day the lies and secrecy are causing people to suffer, literally suffer, our society is stagnating, crime is on the rise everywhere because people see no future for themselves, the technologies being hidden as part of this topic are real. Aliens WOULD have methods for Anti-aging, cures for all illnesses, different types of power systems, and the list could be endless. The technologies release would give America and the world new HOPE.

    We need the answers for the betterment of the people on this planet not just the words that tell the truth. Our petty BS needs to end, the focus must be put where it belongs on the advancement of our people (all this planets’ people). We know there are skeptics, misinformation experts and people that are afraid this is understood but these people should not stand in the way of truth, we need answers.

    In 1952 thousands of Americas watched as several technically advanced craft circled our Nation’s Capital, the government covered up these events by calling it a weather phenomenon later it was discovered to be a real event (see story # 2 below) after which we heard stories of secret meetings between these beings and our government officials. There are literally 1000's upon thousands of sightings of ADVANCED TECHNICAL aircraft encounters worldwide you can read about them here (see #1 Below)

    We have visual sightings of one of the types of beings visiting our planet (see # 3) below. We must demand answers. Spread these words, it has been a long time since we all worked together on something, this is a perfect opportunity not only for America but for our world.

    Working together is simple copy this message to a word document then add your own personal touches, then copy and paste it everywhere, you-tube, Instagram, face-book, etc. It is not too much to ask of you to change the world.

    1) http://www.theblackvault.com 2) https://www.history.com/news/ufos-washington-white-house-air-force-coverup,

    3) http://archivosovni2.blogspot.com/ Story on You Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0J6nyzj5eU

  8. Glowing orbs typically antigravity craft. Large magnetic field surrounding craft Produces photons. If craft is close to camera, can view actual craft shape. Pity most of the footage captured were too far away to pierce through emitted photons, aside from triangle craft which I believe to be a US Space Force asset.

  9. You people are seeing just want the ones that are responsible for them things wants you to see. They are setting y'all up for the greatest deception y'all ever had and y'all blind and ignorant and falling right into their deceiving hands. The government knows everything about them things they know exactly what they are where they come from and everything cuz they're in on it and they're not from outer outer space the government knows that too. But keeping the American people ignorant is keeping control over the American people and they know that.

  10. There here. 1000 billion galaxies, 10 trillion billion stars. Billions of earth like planets. We are not alone.

  11. So these balls of light are clearly different, not manned craft – at least not by carbon-based life. They seem to operate differently, varrying in size and purpose. They are likely a different species than the ones piloting the tic tac craft. Possibly all UFO's seen are different species.

  12. Wow really nice, legit looking footages, kudos, really fed up with all the cgi shit on other channels, also I do realise only a fraction of them are UFO most of them are expanded boosters, rocket launches, but most imp they seems to be legit

  13. Surely these are all another more advanced civilisations version of our Mars rovers and so on, sooner or later we will figure out how to send probes to Alpha Centauri, it’s pretty reasonable to assume someone else has done this to earth, imagine the excitement seeing data streamed back from another planet light years away!,,, maybe they will be able to contact us soon now they know we,are here!

  14. On 2021 a mobile phone 4k It cost 150 dollar. All this video quality is shit…..and fake obviously. Once we will see 4k video we can discuss…..

  15. I’ve seen a couple of days ago something me and my girlfriend could not explain.
    We were in Portugal in olhao on a rooftop it was around midnight. No clouds all the stars were visible suddenly there was a bright flashing light i said to Rebekka hey did you see that she said no.
    1 Minute later it was there again and she also saw it.
    That happened about 8 times every time a different strength and form of light it also looked like it would come from behind something like if there was a cloud in space.
    The light did not move it always came from the same origin.
    We both have never seen anything like that.
    Anyone saw something similar or knows what it could have been?

  16. Aliens are coming to help solve the covid pandemic since the governments have no idea what the hell they doing.

  17. Look at that now that's a recent one they should report that they're going to start coming in more and more the government knows on they're going to bring them in a little by little

  18. Nicht nur in Amerika. Sondern überall auf der Welt. Bei uns hier in Deutschland traut sich das niemand, seine Videos zu veröffentlichen. Man macht sich lustig darüber und schläft lieber weiter im Traumland Deutschland. Traurig, aber wahr. Alles Ignoranten.

  19. And ppl are waiting on the government to release their info when all they have is trash infrared footage. I tell ppl if you want confirmation of these things go on YouTube. I also think it's strange that the media isn't shedding light on all of this civilian footage I mean if you want a story it's here and it's gold mine. In my opinion the governments just trying to control the narrative because with all of this footage out not there's no way they could cover it up to much longer.

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