UFO NEWS 2018 Passenger Plane Buzzed By 3 UFOs AMAZING FOOTAGE

UFO NEWS 2018 Passenger Plane Buzzed By 3 UFOS AMAZING FOOTAGE

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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35 Comments on “UFO NEWS 2018 Passenger Plane Buzzed By 3 UFOs AMAZING FOOTAGE”

  1. The US GOVERNMENT has reverse
    engineered UFOs that they shot down and have created UFO like vehicles, saying "we can travel
    among the stars". The only
    difference is that ETVs/Extraterrestial Vehicles can
    dematerialize and rematerialize at will. Also, ETs are non threatening.
    They are highly evolved Spiritual Beings who only seek Peace and
    are concerned about the chaos and strife and possible Nuclear War that is endangering the Earth
    right now. That's why there are
    so many sightings.
    Dr. Steven Greer, who has given up
    his medical career to focus full time on this issue, and has direct
    Contact with ETs now, says that
    in 26 years he has never had a
    negative experience.
    See: ETs are our Friends.
    Extraterrestials and God Consciousness.
    How to connect to ETs.
    All on YouTube.

  2. They won't let us speak to them because they are afraid of us. They know we are a hostile race that cannot be trusted.

  3. There are two places where the kid screams "I don't want to die". During a short clip in the introduction at about :18, and the second full version, at about 8:31. Problem is, the second is a completely different video than the first time the kid screams "I don't want to die". The lights in the sky look nothing like the first. Not even close. Pretty obvious.

  4. I have seen mother ships 2 miles wide, and orbs ranging from 2 feet to 50 feet, once only 50 yards away. I Know, not believe

  5. hi there Paul, yet another fantastic video, and I agree with one of my fellow sub that the bright orbs could be foo fighter's, as they have been seen since the 2nd world war buzzing around aircraft's. but the other two are fantastic ufo's. something is definitely happening around the world, as another well known channel has pointed out that there is a record number of satellite's are sent up into space either to protect us or watching what is happening, very very exciting time for us, 2018 could be the year we have been waiting for ie disclosure.

  6. Aye mate i know what ya mean like it is very curious indeed and i really do wish i was wrong about him because in some of his talks what he say's does sometimes makes sense and he's a very charming and likeable fella and very convincing. But then again so was Ted Bundy.It's the government and clinton connection that makes me think allo, allo, allo whats going on here then and he said he was practically broke and then he gives up his job the career that he loved so much. Has he done a Arfur Dailey and sold us out for a nice little earner d'ya know what i mean son.? Or he could have been got at and threatened i suppose then i would feel for him cos he does have a family. All i know is these are very exciting times but also very scary times those children in your video were terrified and kids are very sensitive to all of this and they sense that something is not right more than what we can. When the kids get scared is when i get scared 9 times out of 10 the little monkey's are right and they feel it.

  7. If aliens have observed us they would know our race can not be trusted. We fight over opposing views, we torture, kill and enslave our own kind. In order for us to evolve and successfully colonize other planets we need to put religion to the side and move on. The most common religions are struggling to stay afloat as we are advancing in technology. Same goes for some people that claim science is 100% true. We debunk old facts all the time as time goes by. The people who are not willing to change there view on a subject even when there is no evidence supporting them or new studies have proven it wrong are just hindering our advancements in technology and knowledge.

  8. Hi. The second footage seems like a Warm propulsion system vehicle. I don't know if you are aware of this vheicles. Thanks

  9. I had to watch this again it's scary and awesome .You definitely got disclosure, this can't be covered up no more .All the non believers got to wake up. Thanks once again đź‘Ť

  10. Second vid is one object spining making it look like its skiping but to me its just a light on the craft rotating clockwise and the reappear on the right, great channel

  11. Paul and friends, Just discovered this amazing post/blog.
    True story, he was taken to the
    Pentagon and also met President
    Eisenhower. Amazing.

  12. Great undeniable footage. I really that that the Governments won’t have a choice this year. Even main stream media are starting to wake up, and more news reporters are now no longer laughing at it. Tucker Carlson will start the ball rolling. I just hope the corruption in the Government and the paid for press don’t start giving out scare tactics to start an interstellar war. If they do the human race may pay a heavy price.

  13. I saw the same craft as these ones but i just saw one around October 2017 about 10.am in London for around 5 minutes and i had cameras binoculars and still could not take a photo in time but i saw it and it tried to hide behind the one thin cloud in the sky but it was to bright to hide there more to what i saw but i saw it and another different one days later………. I know for a fact it was super Techknowledgey and if it was made from this world it was made from someone residing on this world but really comes from outside of this world or some ancient men and women or alien beings who lives on Earth hundreds or thousands of years ago who have set up shop here or the government have found away of making crafts they could even be beings and not crafts just thinking outside the box others say they could be spiritual beings i could think of zillions of combination of things What i do know also is that there is a war in the heavens and on Earth and one side is here to help and the other is to make things worse. It is exciting times to be living in and scary as well

  14. i saw two of these bright yellow orbs over morecambe bay in november 2014. they where too far away to judge the size but they emitted such light that i knew to be generating that light and hovering in the sky as they where must use one hell of a lot energy. they sat there still in a windy sky and that struck me as strange. i was not afraid as i do know in my bones that the universe cannot just be ours.

  15. Ive always wondered where the lightbulbs are made for these ufos.Do you think theres some kind of alien factories selling bulbs,and wiring looms.These craft belong to the government.

  16. Hey Paul. New subscriber here. Dr. Greer has suggestions for contacting the beings which pilot these vehicles. BTW, where precisely is your accent from? I hear a hint of Liverpool but I can't be sure. Cheers.

  17. I think you might be mistaken. It does appears to be two separate objects racing for first position, but watch closely, as the light on the left diminishes, sort of fades away; making it's way around to the back of the object, and then visually illuminates as it rounds up the other side of the object, taking a position at the front of the object. Then, the next light circles the ship in the same way, and so on, and so forth. It's two lights taking turns encircling the object. Both lights hold steady for a count, then the one light circles around, and back to front, holds steady, then…..

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