UFO News 2020, So why release ufo footage under Lockdown? What's going on in the sky above us?

So guys we are going live with a special Now Debate as we have some 2020 UFO news for you all as the pentagon and the defence department ufo release 2020 happened yesterday and now we have to see what this footage is all about. What is going on in the skies above us? Why release UFO footage under lockdown. Guys this is going to be huge.
So we have been talking about a lot of crazy things going on in the world right now, with the global crisis, the lockdown, the fact that people are feeling something even bigger is coming in 2020, it is really crazy out there right now at the moment guys and it is only going to heat up, with all the activity we have been experiencing as of late. We have the atlas comet, (although we don’t think there will be an atlas comet collision) other comments and space objects coming pretty close to the earth, and this Starlink satellite network which is looking highly suspect.
So let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, why are they releasing this footage now, is it a distraction, is it a form of disclosure or is there something else going on. What is going on in the skies above us guys.
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Link to the guardian article from the video

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Links in the video
Strange object in the skies above UK throughout March and April 2020-04-24
Blair briefed on UFOs
Paul Hellyer speaks out
Nasa employees on aliens
Pentyrch incident


6 Comments on “UFO News 2020, So why release ufo footage under Lockdown? What's going on in the sky above us?”

  1. Spirit told me at skinwalker ranch 'they' used the natural pressure , 'granite' 'quartz' within the natural ridge line as a battery.? When I asked who is 'they' I got an image of an old picture of a packet of sea monkey's!
    After about 2weeks I had a flash that we were the sea monkey's compared to 'they'…?
    I asked roughly 25 year's ago why the government keep quiet? I got weird laughing and ' they wouldn't know how to start…
    I think they may be showing this footage because of the reconstruction of society at present. ( people unable to gather partly, we react totally different when in small groups)
    I'll send an email later been unable to recently. Thanks guy's.

  2. Basically It will take some paranormal event to get people to wake up if they will still not believe the information contained below in those links.

    2020 Pentagon study: Flu vaccines increase risk of coronavirus by 36%https://www.fort-russ.com/2020/04/kennedy-pentagon-study-shows-flu-shot-raises-risk-of-coronavirus-by-36-and-theres-more/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=0ae3e93f0dbd7c5b634d6c3140e90a0e68c394b9-1588100280-0-AebniqCTA6YF1jYujCaw-TX7GEZ5-MVzZdiqdUEpSuV2KF7Xa1t_mthANc-1sIXO8vu9RkfHF7bQFpktnMRK0PLBgr1w4VLjaDK1nLdplusPL__fvi1S7ZWub0iOW2ZJUVj-RbiB1E_Z2X5eJHYd4sBc3Uwnzy62DVB7SE2iBQocZ8avH-JVeuyecNRACqnf6_RtKP9Ip1qrjPO0rSo7LWPd5MXR_OZW9Z0drG4DpP0xgEyOJKmxdphhOII2mVncRj4zAZMvq4DT6Y1a1ETJH5ULQJSR11GHf8QuNXJ2SzaInU1FL7EQs-IBbNoI7Jct4BQHWVIw7xxKYHf-4HWTyyguqBhFZYI4f6u9iwQOEC5LlPsto3RfcL6q90uU6CLIn21Y3AtosLbIQ2Hyge1v7YI


    Whitney Webb – Security State Using Coronavirus To Implement Orwellian Nightmare:

    Tyson Foods Takes Out Full-Page Ad: 'The Food Supply Chain is Breaking

    Tyson Foods Truck Catches Fire on Missouri Highway

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